Tenerife is confident of reaching a prior agreement that will avoid Shashoua’s trial | Radio Club Tenerife | Present

CD Tenerife trusts that an agreement prior to the holding of a speedy trial will prevent Sam Shashoua from going through the courtroom, with the very high media repercussion that such a process would have for the British footballer, who is accused of a alleged crime of alcohol against road safety and traffic.

A prior agreement – common in this type of procedure – would prevent the trial, but not the almost certain withdrawal of the blue and white professional’s driving license, as well as a severe financial penalty for the events that occurred at the beginning of last week.

Shashoua starred in an unpleasant incident at dawn from Monday to Tuesday, according to the SER reported on Saturday after the derby and the footballer himself ratified with a statement on the social network Twitter, which was published in accordance with CD Tenerife and with the purpose of settle the controversy as soon as possible. Speculation regarding Sam’s “bad week” originated in the press conference of his coach, Luis Miguel Ramis, who did not give details but did feed the speculation with his enigmatic message at the Gran Canaria Stadium.

Shashoua tested positive for a breathalyzer test that was carried out by agents of the Local Police of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Sources consulted by the SER assure that it exceeded 0.6 milligrams per liter in breathed air, a limit that turns the offense into an alleged criminal offense and leads to the holding of a speedy trial, which has been set for Thursday, October 28. This same information published in its digital edition on Sunday by the Balearic daily Último Hora.

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The writing issued by Shashoua on social networks was studied to the millimeter before its publication. Some of his colleagues had found out about the incident precisely through this channel (Twitter); and from the club they considered necessary a quick reaction on the part of the English. He wanted to declare himself “solely responsible” for what happened, in order to remove the focus from the team players with whom he had spent the night in two entertainment venues in the capital. One of them shared a vehicle with Shashoua – the latter was driving – at the time he was subjected to the breathalyzer test. Sources consulted in this regard deny that it was a routine procedure, and yes because they understand that their way of maneuvering behind the wheel (product of a “very evident” alcohol consumption, as the tests later revealed) supposed a manifest danger to traffic, your safety and that of third parties.

The inquiries carried out by CD Tenerife rule out that more names than that of the British footballer appear in the police proceedings, but still they intend that this incident serve as a learning and warning. The disgust was great during the past week within the island entity and there will be internal measures. There will also be a warning before the team that situations like this can directly condition the sporting development of an exciting season and that it has started off on a very good footing, with notable results on the pitch, but that can be clouded by any mistake. of this nature. As with the turbulent episode on Tuesday, which had a direct influence on the derby. In any case, they trust that Sam’s apologies and repentance will serve to turn the page and regain sporting tranquility as soon as possible.

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After being taken to the Local Police Headquarters, the blue and white player was informed that he will be prosecuted for a drug alcohol offense. As the newspaper advanced this Sunday MarkHe ended up at the police station on the night from Monday to Tuesday. Eyewitnesses to the incident explain that the footballer’s behavior in his contact with the agents was not edifying at all, nor when he left the police station. In fact, he even insinuated that he had been detained for racist reasons; and not because of the obvious indications that his way of maneuvering behind the wheel could constitute a criminal offense.

Current legislation is severe with this type of conduct. Article 379 of the Penal Code establishes that if the alleged perpetrator of the offense exceeds 0.6 milligrams of alcohol per liter in inhaled air, he faces a prison sentence of three to six months, or work for the benefit of the community between 31 to 90 days. In the event that it is the first fraction committed, the prison sentence is commuted to an administrative fine and, in all cases, the withdrawal of the driving license for a period of one to four years.