Tennis: Djokovic dethrones Federer as the longest-serving No.1 in ATP rankings

Tennis He will make it to 311 weeks at the top

THEn March 8, Novak Djokovic will become the tennis player that has spent the most weeks as No.1 in the world.

The Serbian will reach a total of 311 weeks on this date, which will see him surpass the record currently held by Roger Federer.

Rafa Nadal’s defeat against Stefanos Tsitsipas in the quarter-finals of the Australian Open helped secure this fantastic feat for Djokovic, with Federer seeing a second record of his broken in just five months.

Nadal matched Federer‘s 20 Grand Slam titles after winning at Roland Garros, and now Djokovic has snatched the record as being the man that has been on top of the ATP rankings for the most weeks.

The Swiss hasn’t played for a year since he fell in the semi-finals of the Australian Open last year, as he twice underwent surgery due to a problem in his knee. However, he is due to return from injury on March 8.

Federer first became No.1 on February 2, 2004 after winning the Australian Open. Then, in July 2012, he went on to beat Pete Sampras‘ record of 286 weeks as world No.1, when he won his 17th major at Wimbledon.

Djokovic started his reign as world No.1 in July 2014 and stayed there for more than two years (November 2016). His fifth and current streak as world No.1 began on February 3, 2020.



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