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Tennis legend: Trophies by Boris Becker are auctioned off now

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Trophies by Boris Becker are auctioned off now

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Boris Becker was able to prevent it last year. But now personal memorabilia, including trophies of the tennis legend, but still auctioned. There is a new appointment.

eFirst the anger was big, then tennis legend Boris Becker resisted, and finally he could breathe again. But now, barely a year after an auction of personal memorabilia and trophies from the three-time Wimbledon champion was stopped, the items still come under the hammer.

On this Tuesday, the auction house Wyles Hardy & Co announced two new dates. On July 9, the items can be viewed in the auction house by appointment, two days later, the online auction ends. This was announced by the auction house on its website. "We are pleased that the auction can now continue, as it concerns some of the few remaining assets of this bankruptcy," Beckers insolvency administrator Mark Ford is quoted.

Among the personal items are several trophies such as a replica of the 1989 US Open Cup, also a Wimbledon Cup, a Bambi and a Golden Camera. Likewise watches and garments, even socks of the ex-world ranking first.

Becker was declared bankrupt in 2017 by a bankruptcy court in London for unpaid debts. Most recently, he said he had paid the court-imposed debt of 3.9 million euros, but the insolvency administrator was still not satisfied.

The sale would, it was said, injured Beckers dignity

At the end of June last year, Beckers lawyers were able to stop the auction of around 80 items at the last moment. "Finally good news," commented Becker on Twitter. The auction house Wyles Hardy & Co, however, already announced at the time, the auction was only postponed, all bids would be saved. The reason is the uncertainty about the progress of Beckers insolvency proceedings.

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In a press release by Becker's lawyers, it was said that the liquidator had given in to prevent an injunction by the court. According to the announcement, the sale would have injured Beckers dignity. Some of the pieces offered have only emotional value for Becker, moreover, the auction was deliberately scheduled shortly before the start of the Wimbledon tournament, in which Becker can be seen as a commentator on television. The tennis star of yesteryear felt humiliated.

Bankruptcy manager Mark Ford saw things differently. He was annoyed that Becker had allegedly not handed out some trophies, and justified the foreclosure sale. "Mr Becker was not able to remember where most of his more famous and therefore more valuable trophies are," the auction house said.

Auction House is of great interest

Why are the memorabilia and trophies auctioned off? At the end of 2018 Becker declared that he was no longer relying on his alleged diplomatic status. This cleared the way for the auction.

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Becker had previously claimed that he was no longer able to be prosecuted by his creditors as an attaché to sports, culture and humanitarian affairs in the Central African Republic.

"We expect to pay out a dividend to creditors this year," the auction house bankruptcy citing Ford quotes. The sale is expected to attract as much interest as 2018, as the auction is "a rare opportunity for tennis fans, mementoes of them Way of acquiring ". He contradicts the presentation that the memorabilia have no material value. The auction brought significant bids last year.

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