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Tennis: Nick Kyrgios takes on spectators – fan is led away

Australian Nick Kyrgios has once again caused a stir at the Tennis Masters tournament in Miami. During his 6: 3, 6: 1 victory against the Serbs Dusan Lajovic Kyrgios fought a verbal battle with a spectator in the stands, which is said to have offended him during a break in the side – among other things, because of his hairstyle.

Why did you look at me on a Sunday night? "Kyrgios shouted in the course of the second sentence towards the grandstand:" Do not you have anything better to do? " The audience got involved in the discussion and was ultimately led by Kyrgios and many other fans of the security personnel from the stadium, with sneering applause.

The belligerent spectator will be led away after his discussion with Nick Kyrgios of security personnel


The belligerent spectator will be led away after his discussion with Nick Kyrgios of security personnel

"I knew I would make it fly out," Kyrgios said afterwards, "I loved it, loved it every second, and I think the audience too."

The 23-year-old, who currently ranks 33rd in the world rankings, was another topic of conversation. Among other things, he saluted immediately before an overhead blow, played a so-called no-look-volley and scored twice by the banned by many tennis pros serve from below – once even by ace.

Lustless appearance, fines, insults

It's not the first sensational Kyrgios incident: just a day earlier, the Australian in Miami had called a chair umpire "ashamed" using the "F-word" and smashing his bat. Shortly before Kyrgios was eliminated together with the American Taylor Fritz from the double competition. They lost in three sets against Guido Pella from Argentina and Joao Sousa from Portugal.

In 2016, Kyrgios had practically shed his second-round match against German Mischa Zverev (3: 6, 1: 6) in Shanghai and clearly played listless. The ATP had rated his behavior as "unacceptable and disrespectful" to the fans and the sport. But he was fined and suspended, but after his announcement to go into sports psychological treatment, was reduced from the original eight to three weeks.

Already in 2015 Kyrgios had been suspended for a month because he had during a match against Stan Wawrinka, the girlfriend of the Swiss when changing sides in drastic terms as a foreigner. At that time he had to pay 25,000 dollars (about 21,200 euros) penalty.


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