Tuesday, 24 Apr 2018

Tennis: why Marion Bartoli returns to the courts?

Retired four years ago, the 33-year-old French announced Tuesday her willingness to become a professional tennis player.
” I come again ! ” Four years later to have kept his rackets to everyone’s surprise, just months after winning the Wimbledon , Marion Bartoli has announced Tuesday, December 19th his next return on the courts of tennis . A bet dared for the player, who announced her retirement arguing that her ” body [Not happen] more to support everything “.
At 33 and having overcome many challenges, the old n o 7 world – its best ranking reached in January 2012 – aims to return to the professional circuit in March.
“I’m always in my decisions and I do not go back. I will not change my mind. ” In 2013, the idea of ​​joining the line of Martina Hingis, Kim Clijsters or Justine Hénin – among others – returned to the professional circuit after a retirement, the Auvergnate had decided. His decision was irrevocable. But the very difficult year 2016 lived by Marion Bartoli convinced her to come back on his decision and the short ones.
Percluded from injuries, to to start by a painful shoulder at each service, the French had thrown in the towel a few months after raising her Grail, a trophy of the Grand Slam, on the London grass. But the year 2016, when she was confronted with serious health problems – a huge weight loss due to a virus that required hospitalization – reminded her of the importance of tennis for her. “I thought tennis was the hardest part of my life, but it was nothing in fact. Nothing to do with what I experienced in 2016. And tennis helped me to feel more » , she says in a video published by the WTA after his announcement of recovery.
Guest on RMC Wednesday , Bartoli told ” the genesis ” a thoughtful return.
“It comes from the most difficult day of my life, which I experienced during Wimbledon in 2016, just before I was hospitalized. I had reached the weight of 41 kilos and I had not got the green light from the medical staff to contest a double of the Legends Tournament (…). My heart was beating too slowly and they were afraid that I would have a cardiac arrest on the ground. That day, I swore that if I had the chance to be healthy again, I’ll come back try of finish what I could not make in 2013. ”
What are its objectives ? “I have three goals , explained the player to Eurosport – channel on which she is a consultant – The first is win the Fed Cup . My second is to play the Olympic Games . And of course, try of to win another Grand Slam. ”
By putting the priority on the team of la France it’s a new Bartoli that is revealed. With the Blue, the player has long danced the tango of “I love you, me neither” , never putting the blue jersey in the foreground. Started in 2004, his international career was interrupted for almost ten years because of a conflict with the French Tennis Federation (FFT).
For the player, trained by her father, it was unthinkable that the latter did not accompany him during the met of Fed Cup. Desiderata rejected by the FFT, who also deprived her of Games London Olympic Games. It was only in 2013, shortly before her retirement, that she reappeared in the blue jersey, signing two singles successes in the kazakhstan .
“I think we can really have the team to win this Fed Cup” , pointed out the player, comparing a possible victory with a title Grand Slam.
Are there precedents? The upcoming return to Marion Bartoli’s fields is not a special case in the history recent world tennis. Starting with the Swiss Martina Hingis, who had chosen to to hang up snowshoes in 2002, at the age of 21, due to repeated injuries. Returned three years later, the old n o 1 World did not add a new Grand Slam tournament to its prize list but she’s once again become one of the best players in the world .
Similarly, the two Belgians Justine Hénin and Kim Clijsters both succeeded in their “comeback”, the second again becoming n o 1 world and taking the US Open and the Open Australia after his return.
Can she come back to her level? Returned to Center national tennis training since the fall – at the time it was sweeping the rumors back by asserting itself reset in form – the player would have been impressed by her level of play. Having left the world circuit at the top (or almost), she did not, it seems, lost any of her tennis qualities. But will she manage to return to the level physically?
Having experienced a great fluctuation in weight due to her illness – on which she hardly confides – Marion Bartoli has been striving to get fit for a few months. From there to see from the outset become again the triumphant player who had bowed out at the top of the poster, there’s a hard ditch to cross .
“It depends on what you mean by coming back. Come back yes, but at what level? asks Patrick Mouratoglou in an interview at The Team . If it’s back top 100, I think it’s possible. To win a Grand Slam, it’s not the same story. ” And Serena Williams coach of advisor to the player progress in stages.
At 33, the Frenchwoman with eight titles WTA career remains younger than three of the four semi-finalists of the Australian Open last year. But the road will be long if she wants reach again the summits, and the player recognizes it: “I am another person and another player and I may not have the results I had. “