Tens of thousands of Hungarians on the streets to “defend democracy”


The first demonstration after the reelection of the sovereignty Viktor Orban was the subject of a massive membership.
The world | 14.04.2018 at 23:57 • Updated 15.04.2018 at 08:47 | By Blaise Gauquelin (Budapest, Special Envoy)

This is the other Hungary , the one who did not vote Viktor Orban. According to the organizers, around 100,000 people took to the streets of Budapest to denounce on the evening of April 14, the re-election of the sovereignist Viktor Orban. This is one of the most important events of recent years, in this country of Europe central with 9.8 million inhabitants.
“Viktator, go crazy! ” , “We are the majority” : this young and colorful crowd chanted, in a very spring-like atmosphere, slogans hostile to the majority, largely renewed on April 8th with 49.9% of the votes and which obtained two thirds of the seats in the parliament, thanks to a electoral system favoring the party that came first.
Those present called for a second count of the ballot papers and a new electoral law, pointing out fraud. They defended the freedom of media , in a country yet member of the European Union since 2004.
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Signs denounced corruption and the “mafia of Fidesz” – named after the Prime Minister’s party. Protesters urged opposition leaders to to put aside their differences for allow a meeting. Anger and frustration were palpable in the procession.
“Hungary needs more democracy” , believes Aron Demeter, Amnesty International . Like 199 others personalities from civil society, this activist was placed this week by a weekly belonging to a relative of the government on the list of “Speculators” of American Jewish billionaire of Hungarian origin George Soros. “This is an attempt at intimidation because we are helping asylum seekers. But we are not afraid and we will continue our activities in this country, as long as it is possible ” . As early as May, the government intends make pass a new law making it even more difficult the job NGOs.
The Hungarian press gradually muzzled
Zsolt Havasi, distributes the latest issue of Magyar Nemzet . Belonging to an oligarch opposed to Viktor Orban, this newspaper went out of business in the aftermath of the elections, asphyxiated economically. “Now I’m going to rest” , quips the unemployed sports journalist, under a huge flag claiming the help of the European Union. “But more seriously, I think we have to power let to express oppositions normally, no? ”
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This writer refers to the lack of pluralism that has become glaring in Hungary, while the public information service has turned into a propaganda agency and the private media are being bought one after the other by relatives of power. “My country is no longer a democracy” , adds Eszter Kaiser, a stylist who has lived twenty-eight years in Swiss Romande.
“It’s a dictatorship now: there is no more freedom of the press, people are starting to to have afraid of say what they think, as in the days of communism. The future is not very positive here for my son, who is 14 years old. There is racism, the atmosphere is heavy, people are desperate. Especially the young people who go in mass. And that suits Viktor Orban, if those who think, who want see the world and who are open leave Hungary. ”
Peter – who prefers not give his name family – is a mason who worked four years in Provence. He says be became hostile to Viktor Orban, after this experience abroad. “This is false what the government media say about the la France where we could no longer enjoy of life because of immigrants. Me, I can you to say that I envy the French, who can live decently of their work! We manipulate people in this country. ”
Viktor Orban has not yet officially commented on this event. Support rallies were also held at Paris , London, Brussels and Berlin. A second parade is planned next Saturday in Budapest.


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