Tense with Turkey, Greece plans to buy weapons including fighter planes

ILLUSTRATION. Greek police at the Turkish Pazarkule border with Greek Kastanies, in Edirne, Turkey, February 29, 2020.

Source: Reuters | Editor: SS Kurniawan

KONTAN.CO.ID – ATHENA. Greece is in talks with France and other countries over arms purchases to boost its armed forces amid tensions with Turkey.

“We are in talks with France, and not only with France, to increase the defense potential of our country,” a Greek government official said on Tuesday (1/9). Reuters.

“Within this framework, there are discussions which include the purchase of fighter aircraft,” he said.

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The day before, Greece’s finance minister said his country was ready to spend part of its cash reserves on weapons purchases and other means that would help increase its “deterrent power” after years of tightening belts in defense spending.

However, the official added, there had not been a final decision that the Greek government had made. Greek media reported on Monday that Athens had agreed to buy 18 Rafale fighter jets made by Dassault from France.

“There is no agreement as written in several media. However, there are discussions about a number of things,” said the source Reuters in the French Government without elaborating.

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Source: Reuters
Editor: SS Kurniawan





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