MLoueckhote, 61, points out that the state is pumping around £ 1.15 billion annually to New Caledonia. "The islanders are fully supported, supported and cared for by the authorities. When people talk to me about colonization, I do not really understand that. What would become Kanak's dignity if these funds ceased and we had to beg? "

The descendants of European settlers generally enjoy a higher quality of life than the Kanaks, who once suffered from severe separation measures.

Over 1,000 gendarmes were deployed to maintain order at the weekend. In the shops, the sale of alcohol is prohibited.

Officially, the government is neutral and offers no guidance. Around 250 French officials and a dozen UN observers will oversee the survey.

President Emmanuel Macron will be speaking to the TV on Sunday following the announcement of the result on television.

His refusal to join the campaign for the whereabouts of New Caledonia in France was criticized by Laurent Wauquiez, the leader of the conservative party, the Republicans and Marine Le Pen of the right-wing National Assembly.



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