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Tent City: Homeless Evicted from Charlotte Camp to Receive Housing for One Year

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Officials of Charlotte announced that former residents of the camp makeshift of people without home, which was near the center, known as “Tent City”, will have housing for at least one year.

In February, the Director of the County Public Health Office, Gibbie Harris, issued a order to evict the inhabitants of the Tent Cityp; inspectors noticed an infestation of rats and other health concerns. The camp concentrated on the streets North College, North Tryon and East 12th.

About 200 people moved into motels county officials paid for 90 days.

However, government officials, nonprofits and housing advocates say the goal is to find living place permanent for those people.

Charlotte Finances Housing for Evicted Tent City Residents

The Charlotte City government will allocate $ 2.1 million for a year of rent and utilities for 75 people who lived in the camp.

The money, which comes from the federal COVID-19 aid package approved in December, will be delivered to the United Way of Central Carolinas, Socialserve, and Catholic Charities.

In addition to rent, the city will fund employment assistance, child care, mental health, and substance abuse counseling.

United Way program leaders will also assist residents with the Sure Social, Medicaid and Medicare, veterans; and other benefits if eligible.

However, those who are being helped by the new program no includes everybody those who were evicted from the camp.

Of the 184 people evaluated, only 75 they were considered good candidates for services provided through the new program.

The others 109 people need “A higher level of service”, according to Shawn Heath, assistant city manager. He assured that the city is exploring options for them.

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Funding for former camp residents is one of several assignments of federal program money the city council is expected to vote at its meeting on Monday, April 12.

The City Council is expected to approve more funding to Socialserve to increase staff to help people to ensure a Unit of housing.

The Council is also expected to approve more funding for the shelter. Center of Hope of the Salvation Army to finance hotel rooms for a few 400 people from July to December; as well as $ 2.5 million to help the organization buy the hotel.


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