Terminally ill minors leave: Parents of terminally ill minors will have 10 business days leave | Politics

In the absence of less than a month to end the legislative period, the Plenary of the House of Representatives approved in the fourth and last debate a project of law that proposes the creation of a license for the ones parents of minors who are terminally ill can spend a few days with their children, in order to give them ‘quality time’.

“This vulnerable childhood bill creates an unpaid leave of up to 10 days, continuous or discontinuous, for parents or caregivers who have the custody of a minor old that has a terminal disease. This because it is proven that family warmth is essential for any child in their process “, said the coordinator rapporteur of the initiative, John Arley Murillo.

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The representative also stated that “catastrophic diseases affect the family, often destroying the family nucleus, and when they affect the child, the most vulnerable, the impact is greater. These children require the care of parents, who are there giving the palliative care required “.

So things, so that the project can become a reality and pass to presidential sanction must first approve the conciliation report, both in the Senate Plenary and in the House of Representatives. With this step, which should take place at the beginning of December, the initiative may be a law of the Republic.

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