Termination for Tönnies video – now is the case in the labor court

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Termination for Tönnies video – now is the case in the labor court

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This is how Tönnies employees spread the corona virus in Europe

Meat producer Tönnies is considered a corona hotspot in Germany. But how did the virus get to the Rheda-Wiedenbrück factory, and how did it spread from there? Cell phone data provide answers.

Because she posted a video showing Tönnies employees crowded in the canteen during pandemic times, a catering employee has been fired without notice. The woman is now apparently going to court.

DAccording to media reports, the woman who posted a video from the Tönnies canteen on the Internet and thus sparked controversy about the hygienic conditions in the slaughterhouse goes to court against her termination without notice. Labor court director Joachim Kleveman told the “Westfalen-Blatt” that the woman did not deny that she had put the video on the Internet. The comments in the video, however, did not come from her own statements.

According to the “Westfalen-Blatt”, the woman was not employed by Tönnies in Rheda-Wiedenbrück, but by a caterer who runs the factory canteen. In April, she was released without notice. At Tönnies she is banned from the house.

The video attracted a lot of attention in June when the extent of the Covid 19 outbreak at the Tönnies slaughterhouse became clear. More than 1500 employees tested positive for Sars-CoV-2. The clip showed the company’s canteen after the onset of the corona crisis, in which dozens of workers are sitting tightly together. “How should we protect ourselves here?” Asks the film end.

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According to the article, the woman had initially agreed to a timely termination and severance payment, but had withdrawn this comparison in good time after changing her lawyer. The procedure would therefore continue.

The company Tönnies initially admitted that the video, as suggested by the SWR on the basis of evaluated metadata, was recorded at the beginning of April – after the Corona regulations came into force. A little later, however, a spokesman backpedaled. One can prove that the recording was made in March. The supposedly wrong date had previously been confirmed because the public pressure was too great.



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