Terrestrial TV in retreat. Fewer and fewer people use it

According to Nielsen data, quoted by “Rzeczpospolita”, only 35 percent. of households use only terrestrial television.

The terrestrial TV users are decreasing every year. In 2018, 37% of users used it. Poles, and in 2019 35.5 percent.

For now, the drops are slight. However, a shift is coming that could see the number of terrestrial users plummeting.

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In the spring of 2022, the existing DVB-T signal will be slowly replaced by the signal in the DVB-T2 / HEVC standard.

The change means that many people will have to replace the TV. Because not every device will be able to pick up a new signal.

– About 1/3 of households use terrestrial TV. The rest are cable and satellite television subscribers. I & nbspte people do not have to worry about & nbspte, because the provision of the appropriate decoder is the responsibility of operators – & nbsp explains in & nbspr an interview with & nbspmoney.pl Witold Tomaszewski from & nbsp Office of Electronic Communications. – & nbspW & nbsptej one third of subscribers about 3/4 actually does not have a device that can receive such a standard.

According to specialists, the number of people who watch only terrestrial TV will drop when it is necessary to buy a new TV set or set-top box to receive it.

More and more people are also convinced to use permanent internet connections, through which they also receive TV. The most popular operators recorded an increase in the number of pay TV subscribers last year.


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