Terrified! Resident Evil 7 fans discover their terrifying horror after returning to the game again!

Monday 27 June B.E. 2022 19:00 minutes 50 seconds Indochina time

Back in 2017 games Resident Evil 7 Create a new phenomenon for the RE series again by continuing the story through Ethan Winters and the Baker family Plus, this part also brings horror and brutality to the fullest, making the fans very happy. Recently, a fan of the game has revealed whatI had never seen it before until I went back and played it again. Make it even more haunted!

If anyone has played RE 7, then they will know that. “Grandma” That plays a big role in the game. It also has a top secret. We’ll meet her at the start of the game when we fight the Baker’s house before disappearing for most of the game. But if we observe carefully, we will find thatAs we explored Baker’s house, we had the opportunity to meet her at various places. point of the house for no reason in spite of That she was in a wheelchair!

I also like to come in a haunted way.

Recently, fans of the game encountered a horror that had never been seen before. until picking up the game to play again Like when we had to crawl into the basement of the house when Grandma shouldn’t be here at all!

which has a kind fan who says These shots can be found in various locations in the Baker house if we walk back and explore the first area at the start of the game. and if you notice carefully We will find that her eyes are constantly following us (Ethan) even though her head is barely moving! This is the most haunting!

Many fans of the game find that they have never encountered anything like this before when playing. But at the same time, there are many other players who have encountered this hallucination from the first time as well. There are also many Shots that we can find in the game At some point, we may miss it when playing by ourselves.