Terrifying video.. a plane crashes into a car with a woman and two children inside

One person was killed and five others were injured, when a small plane crashed onto a bridge and collided with a car, in Miami, Florida, USA, on Saturday.

The tragic accident occurred just before noon on the Holfer Inlet Bridge, closing traffic on the bridge.

Federal Aviation Administration officials said that there were 3 people on board the single-engine Cessna 172 plane, which crashed after losing its engine, causing it to fall and colliding with an “unlucky” vehicle, and then burning.

the victim

Miami-Dade police spokesman Alvaro Zabaleta said the plane hit the car head-on.

Two people managed to leave the ill-fated plane, while the body of the only victim was found after the fire was extinguished, and the deceased was identified as 36-year-old Narciso Torres, an air traffic controller who worked at the air traffic control tower in Miami.

Rescue officials said five people were injured, including two who were on board the plane and taken to a local hospital.
A Miami police spokesman said that a woman and two children, aged two and six, were in the stricken car, and were taken to hospital as well, but they were not seriously injured.

“It is a miracle that you travel in a vehicle, then you hit a plane head-on and everyone is fine, so we are grateful. But it is still unfortunate that we lost someone in this scene,” he said.

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