Territorial macroprojects of Antioquia 2040: “The 2040 Agenda is a participatory exercise”: Governor of Antioquia | Medellin

Antioquia’s territorial strategic plan continues to be built through the Antioquia 2040 Agenda, which includes investment project programs for the next 20 years and a short-, medium- and long-term monitoring and evaluation system.

This strategy was built from a social dialogue, where common purposes of businessmen, the inhabitants of the territory and social actors were identified, to project a productive territory at an economic, social, cultural and educational level.

“This 2040 Agenda is the dream and it is the purpose so that all UNITED, the more than 6.5 million Antioquians, say how we want to see ourselves in the future, say what our priorities are, establish what our route is; that Antioquia 2040 Agenda has to be one of our greatest purposes of unity”, detailed the Governor of Antioquia.

Although this agenda is divided into three fundamental axes Central Antioquia Pacific Antioquia Caribbean Antioquia, the main demands of Antioquia society are in education, training Agriculture and rural development, social protection, health and housing, economic development, entrepreneurship and employment, and protection enviroment.

Likewise, these territorial macroprojects were raised in the midst of the governance of Aníbal Gaviria, the only way to sustain these plans is that the social actors defend their ideals, since these ideas were built with the governors, the territorial leaders and the inhabitants, active social actors close to ordinary citizens and social realities,

It is worth mentioning that the premises of this model are to recognize the potentialities and characteristics of Antioquia from the natural structure of the ecosystems, integrate the territory at an integral, harmonic and regenerative level in all the spaces of the region, understanding that the best way of predicting the future is building.