Terror Twins deal with image: ‘We are not party animals’

Two weeks ago, Sharon gave birth to daughter Zaya. The young mother is only a little proud of her little boy, but motherhood is not easy for her. “It’s the most beautiful thing there is, but it’s heavier than I thought.” Moreover, it causes some drastic changes in her life. “You’re just very busy with it, and you can’t just think: I’m going out. It’s not easy anymore.”

Two years ago – the name says it all – the Terror Twins unleashed tongues in the MTV show Ex on the Beach: Double Dutch. “Of course people know us as a kind of party animal, which we really aren’t at all. Now that I’ve become a mother, we can finally show our quiet side,” Sharon explains. That doesn’t mean the twins are going to hold back now. She continues: ”Of course we will never pretend to be anything else, so we will just remain ourselves: outspoken. That’s how we will always remain.” Sister Esmee agrees: “I don’t really care much about what people think or think, but it’s good that people now see a different side of us, our serious side.”

In addition to the new side that we will discover of Sharon and Esmee in the reality series, we will also experience the birth of ‘close by’. And that was – to say the least – not easy for Sharon: ”I was lucky that everything happened in eight hours. Only when I look back on it, it is more intense than I expected.” At the moment supreme, therefore, she had had it with the cameras for a while. “I actually had no trouble at all with the cameras, except in the hospital. I found that a lot more difficult.”

The Terror Twins hadn’t anticipated that Sharon would be the first of the two to welcome a baby. “We always wondered who would get pregnant first. And since I was actually already in a relationship and I was also already working on children, we thought I would have a child sooner. But unfortunately that was not the case”, Esmee explains disappointed. But despite that, she is more than happy with her new niece.

The twin sisters are both not averse to a botox shot here and there. Sharon liked did not undergo plastic surgery during her pregnancy, but has now forged big plans. More on that in the video below.

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