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Terrorist attack in Melbourne: The knife man Hassain Khalif Shire Ali, 30, had inspirational connections to Isis, police said

A man who stabbed a person in a suspected terrorist attack in Melbourne was known to the police and was the brother of a man arrested last year for terrorist attacks, Australian authorities say.

Somali-born Hassain Khalif Shire Ali, 30, lit a pickup truck loaded with gas bottles on Friday in a bustling shopping district in the city and stabbed three people, one fatally, before being shot dead by the police.

The police said "there are connections" between Ali and Isis in the form of inspiration and not in direct contact with the terrorist group. Investigators investigating terrorism searched two plots of land in suburban Melbourne on Saturday morning as part of their investigation.

Victoria Police Commissioner Graham Ashton said the man's brother was arrested last year for planning an attack in Melbourne and is currently in detention awaiting trial.

"He's certainly someone who's known to us and the federal agencies in matters of counterterrorism and terrorism," he told Channel 7's Sunrise Program.

"He is the brother of a perpetrator or a suspect whom we arrested late last year in connection with the preparation of a terrorist incident."

The police were first called to reports of a burning car, but when they arrived, they were attacked by the man armed with a knife.

Videos taken by viewers show a long confrontation between police and attackers, while confused buyers pass by.

The man repeatedly attacks the two officers with his knife as they try to disable him with pepper spray and a taser.

The police in Melbourne treat the stabbing incident as terrorism

A citizen tries to help the police by hurling a metal shopping cart at the knife soldier as he storms across the street.

At some point, one of the officers pulls his pistol and shoots the attacker in the chest, which then falls to the ground.

Mr. Ashton said the Messiah and the three others stabbed by him were taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital, but he and one of the victims have now died of their injuries.

The police later found gas canisters in the murderer's vehicle. Isis took responsibility for the attack, and the group's Amaq propaganda agency described the perpetrator as one of his "fighters."

Australian media reports that one of the injured was a businessman named Rod Patterson. Mr. Patterson's wife, Maree, posted on social media that he had been injured but "was doing well in the circumstances."

When the fire department arrived to extinguish the flame, they discovered that it contained several "grill-like" gas canisters. Then a bomb disposal team was called in to make the scene safe.

Witnesses reported that after his accident, the man threw an object into his car and set fire to it.

The police have not yet confirmed his intentions, but Mr. Ashton said it was justified to conclude that he hoped to turn the vehicle into a bomb.

The police officers who were attacked during the incident suffered only minor injuries and their "cuts and scratches" are being treated in a police station in Melbourne.

Mr. Ashton, however, denies the claim that the man was "Allahu Akbar!" During the attack. Called and said he had not tried to behead anyone. One of the stab victims had suffered "significant head injuries".

Aerial photographs of the area of Bourke Road incident in Melbourne

The attacker was born in Somalia, but moved to Australia in the 1990s and most recently lived in northwestern Melbourne, said the High Commissioner. He was a "person of interest" to both the state police and Australian intelligence agencies.

He also had a minor criminal record and had been convicted in the past of cannabis use and theft.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has condemned the "evil and cowardly attack" and appreciated the courage of the police officers who responded.

"The Australians will never be intimidated by these appalling attacks, and we will live our lives and enjoy the freedoms that the terrorists abhor," he said in a statement.

The Prime Minister of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, praised the bravery of both the police and the public, which had tried to stop the attacker.

"This is a nasty and scary thing that happened in our city today," he said at the same press conference.

„Viktorianer können sicher sein, dass jedes Mitglied der Victoria Police der Aufgabe gewachsen ist, wie sie heute gezeigt haben. Inmitten der Tragödie können Sie solchen Stolz auf die Arbeit von Zuschauern finden, um anderen zu helfen.

„Wir werden als Stadt und Staat nicht durch diesen Akt des Bösen definiert. Wir werden das einfach ablehnen. Wir sind größer und stärker als das.

Herr Andrews hat auch die „Gedanken und Gebete“ der Stadt und des Bundesstaates auf alle Verletzten und „unser tiefstes Mitgefühl für die Familie des Verstorbenen“ ausgedehnt.

Der Oppositionsführer Bill Shorten, der einen Wahlkreis in den nordwestlichen Vororten von Melbourne vertritt, wiederholte die Worte von Herrn Andrews.

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"Wenn das Böse unsere Stadt angreift, steht Melbourne zusammen", twitterte er. "Wieder einmal sind die Viktorianer in Ehrfurcht vor unseren außergewöhnlichen Polizisten, die heute Nachmittag schnell, mutig und professionell reagiert haben, und den Passanten, deren erster Instinkt darin bestand, anderen zu helfen."

Melburnians müssen sich weigern, von dem Terroranschlag eingeschüchtert zu werden und stattdessen wie üblich am Wochenende weiterzumachen, schloss der Chefkommissar.

Zusätzliche Polizeibeamte werden bei wichtigen öffentlichen Veranstaltungen, einschließlich Fußballspielen und Gedenken an den Erinnerungstag, im Einsatz sein, aber es gab "keine fortwährende Bedrohung, die uns derzeit bekannt ist".

Jeder, der gesehen hat, wie sich der Angriff entwickelt hat oder Fotos und Videos gemacht hat, sollte sie mit Victoria Police teilen, sagte er auch.


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