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Terrorist operation in Tripoli | bell magazine

by archyw

Unidentified persons threw a sound bomb in front of the Tripoli Serail, which led to the death of Corporal Johnny K. from the Internal Security Forces.

In the details, a bomb was thrown at a car of the Internal Security Forces, and a vehicle was set on fire, while a corporal was hit in the head, which led to his death. Immediately, Tripoli and the port area witnessed strict security measures amid high alert and tension. Extensive deployment of security forces and ambulances.

The assailants opened fire on a street in Tripoli, in the vicinity of Dar Al-Mawlid, where security patrols are pursuing them.

The LBCI said that a group headed by Abdul Rahman Mabsut carried out 3 operations in Tripoli, which resulted in a martyr and more than one wounded in the ranks of the army and internal security forces.

The Army Command – Directorate of Orientation issued the following statement:

At approximately 23:00, Abd al-Rahman Mabsout opened fire at a branch of the Banque du Liban in the Tripoli area and a post of the Internal Security Forces in Tripoli Serail, in addition to a military vehicle belonging to the Lebanese army, which led to the death of one of the soldiers and the wounding of others.

Army units deployed in the area are carrying out searches in search of the shooter to arrest him.


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