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Tesco Baguley: Stinking supermarket "should be closed"

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The source of the odor is due to stagnant water under the ground, the council said

A "foul-smelling" supermarket should be closed until the stink is cleared, customers have said.

A shopper at Tesco Extra, Altrincham Road, Baguley, Greater Manchester, said they had to "go out before they vomited."

Environmental health has reduced the source of the odor to "stagnant water" under the ground, the city council said.

Tesco said that there is a problem with the pipes that poses no danger to customers or products.

"Would rather starve"

The supermarket apologized and said he was working to deal with it as soon as possible.

A buyer tweeted that the smell was plaguing the customers "for weeks".

The "foul-smelling smell" was "disgusting," said one dissatisfied customer, while another "starved rather than buy food".

Bruce Partington said the smell was "horrible" and added, "It can not be healthy."

Nicola Hutchison tweeted: "I just got to Tesco Baguley and had to go because of the horrible stink, apparently it's the sewage! How a grocery store can actually stay open with fresh food baffles me!"

She added, "I was also told that the staff were brought home for sick stink !!"

Tesco posted on Twitter: "There is no risk to customers or our products, and we do our best to stay open as usual.

"We apologize for any inconvenience."

Manchester City Council spokesman said, "After an investigation, the source of the odor was traced back to stagnant water that has accumulated under the ground, and we should point out that this water is neither wastewater nor wastewater."

The council said Tesco has arranged work for this week to "rinse out the stagnant water and seal all pipes."


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