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Tesla already produced more than 7400 Model 3 in October, according to the report

Tesla's Model 3

The manufacturer is known for long delivery times – and missed production targets.

(Photo: AP)

DusseldorfTesla has approached its production target for e-cars at the start of the fourth quarter. According to a report by the US industry portal "Electrek", there were more than 11,500 vehicles by Friday, including more than 7,400 of the company's flagship model 3.

In the third quarter, the US automaker had completed more e-cars than ever before. In the last week of last quarter, Tesla also reached a new record in the Model 3 production: The group of Tesla founder Elon Musk produced 5300 models and surpassed the self-imposed goal of 5000 Model 3 a week.

The first Model 3 was off the line in July 2017. For the first 100,000 Model 3 Tesla needed 14 months. Now the US car maker managed more than 7400 Model 3 in twelve days. If he keeps that quota, he would need less than six months for the next 100,000 Model 3s.

Market analysts and car experts had recently discussed whether Tesla could hold the high quota. The manufacturer is known for long delivery times – and missed production targets. In the first two quarters, Tesla reported a net loss. In the annual outlook, the electric car maker said its gross margin for the current third quarter flagship is 15 percent. The current quarterly figures are expected to be announced by the Group at the end of October.

Despite the increase in productivity, Tesla brought bad news to its US customers on Friday: anyone wishing to benefit from the state tax advantage to buy an e-car would have to complete their order by October 15. This is the only way to ensure that you get the car by the end of the year, it was said on the Tesla website. In 2019, state subsidies will fall by half.

Elon Musk has not yet responded to the new production figures. Instead, he made on Twitter from a former April Fool's joke reality. The Tesla founder announced the launch of a new product, the Teslaquila. As proof, he posted a photo of a Tequila bottle in Tesla design.

The US station CNBC had previously reported that Tesla can protect itself the name Teslaquila. The registration of the mark is based on the "project for use" and is not yet completed, reported the news agency Bloomberg. Accordingly, the product is not yet ready for the market.



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