Tesla boasted a new image of the Berlin factory. There will be giant graffiti on the walls

With the imminent completion of the Tesla Gigafactory factory in Berlin, the final appearance of this magnificent project is also beginning to be revealed. In the new render, we can also notice the placement of giant graffiti or rather mural art on the walls of the factory.

This is what the new Tesla factory near Berlin will look like

In May, Tesla invited artists to send their works to an email address [email protected] Now it looks like he will really use some graphics and decorate his state-of-the-art factory with them.

In addition to the visual appearance of the factory and the use of giant works of art, Musk also mentioned accessibility for employees. From Berlin, they will be able to travel to the new factory by train in just 30 minutes. Tesla also plans to complete the station in the immediate vicinity. Musk did not forgive himself for the joke on this topic, because the employees of the car factory will have the easiest way to work by train.

Tesla Unsplash Austin Ramsey
Illustration image

During the Giga Fest event, which took place yesterday in Berlin on the premises of the new factory and thanks to which the general public had the opportunity to see the premises, Tesla even unveiled its own GigaBier beer, the bottle of which corresponds in design to Cybertruck. If you are interested in what the factory premises look like in real life, watch the attached video.

The Berlin plant will soon need up to 12,000 employees, and Musk has legitimate concerns about where so many people will take. That is why it is trying to attract workers from all over Europe to Berlin.

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Tesla Model Y Jorgen Hendriksen Unsplash
Tesla Model Y

Production of the Tesla Model Y in Berlin should begin by the end of this year. Musk expects to produce 5-10 thousand pieces per week at the end of 2022. Unfortunately, Tesla is still waiting for the final permit due to the factory’s impact on the environment in the area.