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Tesla Cybertruck Mini takes out the full-size Ford F-150 in tug of war


A Tesla Cybertruck in a 1: 2 scale recently competed in a series of tug-of-war combats against several vehicles, including a full-size Ford F-150 truck. Like his full-size brutalist older brother, the smaller Cybertruck outperformed his competitors, although he needed some help to beat the formidable F-150.

James Hobson of the popular YouTube channel The hacksmith He has been working to create a mini Cybertruck since early December 2019.

Typically, Hobson and his team at Hacksmith Industries are using their time to create real replicas of Marvel Comic’s weapons, such as Thor’s hammer and Captain America’s shield. The Cybertruck convinced them to revisit the automotive constructions, something they had not tried since they replicated the spy car of the 1964 James Bond movie. Gold finger.

The presentation of the Cybertruck Hacksmith team at a full 1: 2 scale included a sci-fi sensation very similar to Tesla’s actual presentation of the true all-electric truck in November. Hobson even called a member of his team, whom he initially referred to as “Franz”, to enter the frame to close the side door of the replica with a mallet, just as Tesla Design Chief Franz von Holzhausen did. in the Tesla Cybertruck event.

Once the new version of the Cybertruck event was finished, the trailer and tug of war tests began. The mini-Cybertruck faced a 2016 Chevy Spark of 2,250 lb, a Polaris RZR 2014 of 1,200 lb and, finally, a 2010 Ford F-150 XLT of 4,650 lb.

He easily mastered the first two vehicles, but the mini electric van needed the help of extra weight through concrete blocks, Olympic weightlifting plates and other heavy items to increase traction when facing the most popular truck in U.S. With these weights, the mini Cybertruck really defeated the F-150, silently pulling the beast screaming from a truck like his older brother during the Tesla video demonstration.

The Cybertruck then hit a local shortcut window and a 1: 2 scale town to fit its surroundings. Simply put, its functionality is as effective as a normal collection: it is simply half the size.

The hacksmithThe new version of Cybertruck is a testament to the appeal of the vehicle for pop culture. Since its introduction, Cybertruck has become an icon of the 2019 automotive scene, and has become very popular even beyond the EV community. This is one of the reasons why The hacksmith He chose to temporarily deviate from his typical theme of superhero-inspired replica articles just to build a vehicle that is so crazy, Tesla critics could not believe it was actually revealed.

Watch The hacksmithThe 1: 2 scale reconstruction of the Tesla Cybertruck faces several vehicles in the tug-of-war competitions below.



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