Tesla: Elon Musk indicates order freeze – due to delivery times

Tesla is benefiting from the boom in electric cars. The order books are so full that Elon Musk is even considering stopping orders.

Austin – Electric cars are currently more popular than ever, despite long delivery times and the still unclear future of the environmental bonus. The Stromer boom is also ensuring full order books at Tesla, and that is exactly what is now becoming a problem for the US car manufacturer.

Elon Musk (50) is therefore thinking aloud about stopping orders. The Tesla boss is not alone in this. The VW e-Up was no longer configurable twice because it was simply sold out. Some Tesla models will also be sold out in the USA by March 2023, according to the “Electrek” portal – despite price increases.

Elon Musk is considering stopping orders for some Tesla models. (icon picture)

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Tesla: Elon Musk indicates order stop – because of delivery times

“Demand is now outstripping production at a ridiculous level,” Musk said at the FT Future of Cars conference. The new plants in Grünheide near Berlin and Austin cannot yet contribute to the relief, as they have not yet fully ramped up. In the German gigafactory, the goals can probably only be achieved in the coming year.

Accordingly, Musk is considering other ways to get the situation under control: “We will probably limit or completely stop taking orders for anything that goes beyond a certain period of time because some of the dates (for the delivery of new orders) are more than a year are removed.”

Tesla: Long waiting times for Model 3 and Y

Anyone currently ordering a Tesla Model Y will have to be patient in the USA. For the basic model, a delivery period between February and May 2023 (as of May 11) is mentioned. With the more expensive 20-inch rims, the electric car should be on the doorstep between November 2022 and February 2023.

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For the expensive performance model, Tesla states July to September 2022. In Germany it is even faster: Here the delivery should take place between August and October 2022. German customers have to wait a little longer for the Model 3. It is expected to be delivered between January and March 2023. Tesla is currently targeting September to November 2022 for the performance version of the electric car. In the USA, the Model 3 – depending on the variant – should be delivered by November at the latest.

Based on the delivery window, the “Elektrek” portal suspects that the Model Y would be the first to be affected by a possible order freeze. Such a scenario is not unlikely for the Model 3 either, and the Model X could also follow.

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