Tesla Giga Berlin is to be expanded – focus on logistics

After Tesla began delivering the first Tesla Model Y from the Gigafactory Berlin towards the end of March, the company is now working on scaling up the number of units in production. At the same time, efforts are being made to expand the Tesla plant in Grünheide.

This expansion of the Tesla Giga Berlin is becoming more concrete. According to Arne Christiani, Mayor of Grünheide, Tesla has submitted an application to initiate a development plan procedure for the affected area. The American automobile manufacturer wants to expand its own area by 100 hectares to the east of the site. Reports about the expansion have already been made known in the past few days. It is planned that a freight station, logistics areas and parking spaces will be built there.

In the coming week, on Thursday, the main committee of the municipality of Grünheide wants to deal with the application. For Mayor Christiani (non-party), this is the starting signal for a B-plan procedure. “During this process, it will become clear whether all the issues that are relevant in such a B-plan process correspond to the wishes of the community representatives.”, as an “rbb” report quotes Christiani. In Grünheide it is currently assumed that the majority of the committee members will agree to a recommendation to initiate a development plan procedure. According to him, a weighing result and a possible resolution on the articles of association can be expected in just under a year at the earliest.

With the Giga Berlin, the electric car manufacturer put the fourth Tesla Gigafactory into operation. Which is also the company’s first production site in Europe and its most advanced, sustainable and efficient factory to date. The Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg will produce cars for all European Tesla markets. At times, more than 3,000 employees have started work in the Giga Berlin. And Tesla will hire thousands more in the coming months. From production to business operations, supply chain, plant construction to engineering or cell production.

Source: – Tesla starts expansion process for Grünheide property