Tesla has begun testing the 4680 battery, which is expected to be officially used in 2022, and the price of the car will drop further

Article source: Qooah.com

Starting from reducing the battery cost, Tesla has developed a new 4680 battery with a larger volume. Tesla is increasing the output of the battery pack recently to conduct large-scale battery testing to verify the actual effect and reliability of the new battery technology.

According to Tesla, the 4680 battery is currently being tested at the Kato test site in California. The project is called the “4680 Battery Self-Research Project”. The current project has made substantial progress.

Some foreign media have reported on the new battery test. It is estimated that Tesla has produced more than 100 battery packs. A large number of batteries can be used in different scenarios and environments, and new battery packs can be tested more comprehensively, and the test results are more reliable. . Judging from the news released by Tesla, the performance of the 4680 battery is still good.

It is necessary to test the new 4680 batteries in large quantities at any cost. For automobile manufacturers, it is necessary to ensure that the battery modules and battery packs are completely free of hidden dangers or defects, because problems with batches will lead to large-scale recalls, which will be a serious loss for automobile manufacturers.

Recently, GM Chevrolet Bolt EV/EUV has undergone a large-scale recall, the reason is because the vehicle needs to replace the battery pack and module. It is estimated that the cost of the vehicle recall will be as high as 2 billion yuan.

The shape of the new 4680 battery pack has been changed, and the corresponding battery pack will have new requirements for the layout of the body structure. The new body parts will be produced at Tesla’s super factory in Texas. The super factory in Berlin, Germany, has already exhibited a battery pack composed of 4680 cylindrical cells, and the current battery pack is produced by this factory.

Tesla is expected to start producing 4680 battery packs for Model Y in 2022 and officially enter the consumer market.

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