Tesla in trouble. It does not produce in Shanghai, it calls cars in the USA

Tesla has halted most of its production at its plant in Shanghai due to problems securing parts for its electric vehicles, Reuters reported, citing internal sources from the carmaker. The problem caused by Beijing’s tough action against the spread of the coid is another of a number of recent issues, including today’s announcement of the company convening 130,000 cars due to touch screen malfunctions.

China’s anti-ceasefire restrictions blocking entire cities and traffic have caused a shortage of Tesla car parts at a factory in Shanghai. The carmaker, led by the richest inhabitant of the planet, Elon Musek, therefore stopped most of its production thereReuters reported, citing the company’s internal report.

Škoda Auto’s operating profit fell by a quarter to 8.3 billion crowns

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Škoda Auto’s operating profit in the first quarter fell by about a quarter to 337 million euros (8.3 billion crowns) from 448 million euros a year ago. The parent company Volkswagen stated this in its results report. He pointed out that the results were negatively affected by the war in Ukraine.

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The carmaker’s sales in China fell by 98 percent in April compared to the previous month, according to data published by the Chinese Automobile Association (CPCA), which only underscores the effects of hard covid lockdowns in China. Shanghai alone, with its 24 million inhabitants, is in the sixth week of a lockdown, which tests the ability of manufacturers to operate under severe restrictions on the movement of people and materials.

What is the impact on Tesla? The carmaker now plans to produce about 200 cars a day at the Shanghai plant, which is well below its daily average of 1,200 cars, which production grew shortly after the reopening of the gigafactory on April 19 after a 22-day deadline.

Justin Bieber, Ferrari

Bieber will no longer buy new Ferraris. Ban earned from the manufacturer for repainting the car


Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber has been blacklisted by Italian carmaker Ferrari. According to the sports car manufacturer, the singer violated the code of conduct to which he committed himself when buying a car. Among the transgressions, for example, is repainting the car, the Italian press said.

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After the reopening, the factory produced 10,757 cars by the end of April and sold 1,512 of them, the CPCA said. This, compared to 65,814 cars sold in March, was the lowest since April 2020, which was four months after the factory began to market cars made in China. Tesla did not export any Model 3 and Model Y made in China from the Shanghai plant in April, data show.

The company aimed to increase production at the factory to 2,600 cars a day next week, Reuters reported earlier.

Elon Musk got seven billion on Twitter.  The head of Oracle, Binance and the Prince of Saudi contributed

Musk got seven billion on Twitter. The head of Oracle, Binance and the Prince of Saudi contributed


Elon Musk secured approximately $ 7.1 billion (about 159 billion crowns) to help fund the $ 44 billion (about a trillion crowns) takeover of Twitter. Billionaire and Oracle chief Larry Ellison, Saudi Prince Al-bin bin Talal and Sequoia Capital, among others, said Bloomberg.

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Tesla also announced on Tuesday that it will call about 130,000 cars in the United States. They are at risk of malfunctioning the center touch screen due to overheating, Reuters reports, citing a report from the National Road Safety Authority (NHTSA).

The convening event will cover the Tesla S and Tesla X models produced in 2021 and 2022 and the 3 and Y models from this year. The company updates their software wirelessly.

Ferrari F8 Tributo (illustration photo)

Ferrari is convening thousands of cars around the world to control the brakes, stocks have gone down

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The manufacturer of the iconic luxury cars Ferrari is facing a slump in shares. The reason is the announcement that the company is convening thousands of cars of this brand around the world due to potential brake problems. The exact number was not given by the famous carmaker, but in China alone, more than 2,200 cars should be inspected – a number that corresponds to the brand’s sales in the Chinese market in more than four years, Bloomberg said.

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According to the Authority, overheating of the infotainment system processor could prevent rear view camera images, warning lights and other information from appearing on the center screen. Tesla said it knew of 59 warranty claims that could be related to the problem, but no one reported accidents or injuries in this regard.

Tesla has had eleven convocations this year. Together with the carmaker Stellantis, it is thus in fourth place in terms of the frequency of convening events.