Tesla Model 3: Steering wheel fallen off

The boom in Tesla’s electric cars is continuing. The ongoing criticism of the quality and workmanship of the interiors of the Model 3, Model S and Model X does not change anything. The US consumer magazine “Consumer Report” had given Tesla bad grades two years ago and withdrew the sales recommendation for the Model S.

An incident in England now shows that the criticism is apparently justified and that the processing is not beyond all doubt. A shocked Tesla owner from Blackpool (GB) posts pictures on Twitter of his Model 3 being towed away. He is stunned because the steering wheel fell off while driving in his almost brand-new Tesla Model 3. “How can that happen to the safest car in the world?” Asks the Briton in a tweet. He only owned his Model 3 for a little more than a month – after it was finally delivered several months late.

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