Tesla released a $ 250 bottle of tequila bottle, which sold out instantly

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has finally fulfilled his promise to launch Tesla tequila, Reuters reported. This comes two years after he tweeted the idea, and the bottles, which sell for $ 250, sold out instantly and can no longer be ordered because they are out of stock.

The agave alcohol, which was advertised as “Teslaquila” two years ago, comes in a shiny bottle designed like lightning, much different from what Musk imagined when the idea for tequila first debuted.

At first, it was taken as a joke, but when Musk tried to keep the brand, it caused a scandal among the producers of the drink. At the time, the Mexican Tequila Regulatory Council pointed out that “the trade name ‘Teslaquila’ has an association with the name of the patented tequila drink.”

In response, the entrepreneur wrote on Twitter: “We will fight the big tequila producers.” It seems that less than two years later, his struggle was unsuccessful, because the series was still introduced to the markets under another brand name – Tesla Tequila.

According to Tesla’s website, alcohol was only available in select US states, including New York, California and Washington. It is unknown at this time whether there will be a second of the limited series.



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