Tesla reportedly to redesign Model 3 to save money – Engadget 中文版

Roberto Baldwin / Engadget

According to Reuters, Tesla is redesigning its Model 3 with the main goal of saving money. The new model, code-named “Highland”, will reportedly reduce the total number of vehicle parts and the complexity of the production process, but the appearance and drivetrain will also be affected. The new Model 3 will use the 2021 Model S as a reference, but it is not known whether it will be equipped with the controversial steering wheel of the Model S.

In the same report, Reuters said Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory will start producing the new Model 3 in the third quarter of 2023, while the company’s Fremont plant will also produce the car for the North American market. It is unclear whether Tesla’s money-saving move will be reflected in the final price, or whether the car will use Tesla’s new generation of 4680 batteries.

However, Tesla has never been known for launching products on time, so when the updated Model 3 will be unveiled, it is probably just a matter of hearing. Cybertruck was originally expected to start mass production in 2021, but now it will not be seen until 2023 at the earliest.