Tesla took off with 270 brakes

Chet is the typical buhering video player who makes all sorts of crazy experiments with toys that seem inaccessible to the average person. Now he’s skinning a Tesla Model S Plaid to make it the lightest possible punching track machine possible. As a result, the passenger compartment was completely gutted, the factory windows were removed, the boot lid was removed, and the factory brake system was replaced.

The man put the Unplugged Performance’s carbon-ceramic brake discs and larger calipers on the Plaid, which he wanted to test with a few test laps when the trouble happened. He drifted out at a speed of roughly 270 km / h and smashed the car thoroughly. Although he left the wreck on his own, later medical examinations revealed that his five ribs were broken and his knees were injured. Seeing the condition of the car, you can safely call yourself lucky with so many injuries as you could have left your teeth smooth.

This video shows the dangers lurking in the buherators, it is a life-threatening undertaking to rebuild such a car so deeply without proper knowledge and preparation. By the way, if you wanted to build a racing car, where is the tipping frame, the fireproof clothing, the helmet?

He did not need these, nor did he need the heavy-duty brake fluid. Because it turned out that the lack of this caused the problem, the normal, factory DOT3 brake fluid could not withstand the stress and therefore the braking force was lost.

Chet admitted this mistake, but he thinks Tesla can do the same. In his opinion, there is a “Track mode” to be able to team up with the car on a racetrack, and the manufacturer should be well prepared for this. He only saw the big caption on the screen, he no longer read in the Tesla manual that the Model S is basically a luxury sedan, which, despite the good-sounding mode, has limited track use.

Tesla’s most powerful model is not brutal without incident. The combined electric power of the three electric Plaids accelerates to 100 km / h in 2.1 seconds from standstill and a quarter of a mile of standard dragster practice in 9.23 seconds.