Tessa Srumf from SC Bayer 05 Uerdingen is only a few tenths short

Soccer players, handball players and others are slowly saying goodbye to the summer break, track and field athletes are moving into the limelight and are preparing for the highlights of the season. So does Tessa Srumf from SC Bayer 05 Uerdingen.

(WP) Two months before the U20 World Championships in Cali/Colombia, the first round of qualifying competitions for the 400 meter distance took place on the Pentecost weekend. The German Athletics Association (DLV) had invited the German applicants for the individual and relay places, including Tessa Srumf from SC Bayer 05 Uerdingen, to the Sparkasse Gala in Regensburg. First came the obligation, namely the basic fulfillment of the standard for the 4 x 400 meter relay. To do this, 3:41.00 minutes had to be beaten, which the quartet Germany I with Justine Wehner, Anna Hense, Tessa Srumf and Maja Schorr clearly achieved in 3:38.07 minutes. The next day, the candidates had to recommend themselves for an individual or relay nomination. The individual norm for Cali is 54.50 seconds. However, only two individual runners will start for Germany in South America. Maja Schorr (Saarbrücken) in 53.67 seconds and Lara Noelle Steinbrecher (Magdeburg) in 53.89 seconds dominated the field. Behind them, Anna Hense (Dortmund) and Tessa Srumf positioned themselves well with 54.66 seconds. Srumf managed to significantly improve her best time in the open air (previously 55.20 seconds), although she chose a too slow initial pace. “Two weeks ago Tessa went too fast in Belgium with 25.3 seconds and had to pay for it on the finishing line, but this time she was too cautious with 26.15 seconds in the first 200 meters,” said trainer Perter Quasten. “If she makes it, in cira. Starting at 25.6 seconds, the final time will be even better. She is extremely strong in the last 100 meters.” The 19-year-old from Lanker has further chances to do this in Mannheim at the beginning of July and two weeks later in Ulm in the youth championship.

If you consider that the four named also include Lena Leege (Berlin), Lysann Helms (Hamburg) and Justine Wehner (Magdeburg), who runs convincingly in the relay, seven 400-meter runners are fighting for six nomination places for the relay.