Test: Alpine A110S – Gold Shot

You almost sit on the floor, which is good. The view to the rear is net bad through the mailbox gap, acceptable in advance, but the position of the exterior mirrors is unfortunate. In this model, the seat can only be moved back and forth, its height and angle can be adjusted with a tool. The Légende has standard seats. The backrest is too sloping, in return you can pull yourself under the bubble roof at 190 inches. Unfortunately, the parking brake does not have a light switch, clutch or shift lever, manual shifting is made possible by fixed shift tabs behind the steering wheel, which is ideal in size, thickness and coating.

Here the seat can only be moved back and forth, its height and angle can be adjusted with a tool. The seats of the Legend version are normal

Walter Röhrl said of the first Boxster 986 that whoever thinks it doesn’t matter should take a trip alone and then put four of his friends in the same car, go one more and the difference will be eclectic.

Ease of movement is crucial to the Alpine A110S. The ease starts there with no need to wander through menus, configure modes because it has a total of three modes.

Starting in normal, it’s good not to succumb to temptation many times and travel somewhat civilized. With surprisingly comfortable suspension and automatic shifting, everyday traffic doesn’t hurt in the A110S. The software deftly slides the clutch when starting and parking, you don’t have to be afraid of buck jumps or clutch handling. Noise levels are not dangerous either, Sabelt sports seats are comfortable.

Alpine A110S - Gold Shot 8

Its suspension is surprisingly comfortable, and the A110S doesn’t hurt everyday traffic. It is not a snare, but an alpine with the correct pronunciation because its name is a French word. It means alpes

But the real face of the Alpine A110S isn’t that, it’s what it shows at the touch of a button on the steering wheel, activating Sport mode. (The third is a track invented for the racetrack, which you can activate by holding down the button.) The image of the digital dashboard changes, the exhaust sounds wilder at idle, the gas reaction is hotter, maybe the steering wheel is a little heavier, but the damping won’t be tighter neither weight nor cost is increased by adaptive inhibitors.

As if you were cutting into the asphalt with a scalpel, the A110S can be placed so precisely on the imaginary arc and will stay there. With a 44:56 weight distribution, there is always enough weight on the rear wheels to accelerate.

It’s hard to work with it because the back sticks to the asphalt, so you have to be well prepared for drifting with steering and floor gas, but when you lose traction, everything happens very quickly. The 2.4-meter wheelbase doesn’t help you catch it either. Anyone who doesn’t drive far above average is easily thrown away.

Alpine A110S - Gold Shot 9

For a long time, there was no Alpine dealership at home. The Renault-Nissan Group brand has recently become available in Hungary with Carnet’s Váci út salon and Budakalász service.

The tires had a hard time because on bitter mornings, on wet foliage, the car had to be kept on the road as well as with warmed tires, cornering above 10 degrees and toasting speed. The Pilot Sport4 has shone again.

It does hurt in many sports and sports cars without a manual transmission. Even if the Alpine is only available with a double clutch, Renault Sport has made a vending machine that you can confidently leave the gears on and at the end of the day you think next to the bouncing car that they did it so well? It shifts at the right time, it bounces back nicely in Sport mode and the exhaust crackles as it should.

The background is very good with an unusually full and wild engine sound from the four-cylinder turbo engine and an enthusiastic crunch from the after-injections, but the Alpine A110S also deserves a place on the sacred hill of sports cars because it is blood-curdling in addition to its playfulness, guarantee and accuracy.

Alpine A110S - Gold Shot 10

A recessed roof in the middle reduces air resistance

With 252 horsepower at 4.5, this engine version accelerates to 100 seconds to 100, which is obviously great, but it doesn’t give back the way the speed jumps from 180 to 200 between corners.

It’s hard to say anything about its deceleration because the test car’s bluish-colored brake discs indicate extreme squeaking. When he came to us, the brake was accurate, but it required a lot of pedal force and the deceleration didn’t go beyond what average cars know.

In many ways, this car is brilliant, yet perhaps the greatest thing about it is that it is playful, casual, lost fast and agile, yet not a penalty. His leadership and forgiveness are equally phenomenal. I don’t think any of us are proud of what happened to the A110S test car in the mountains, but we’ll even remember it at the funeral home.

Alpine A110S - Gold Shot 11

As a civilized person, the normal mode is good for everything. One-touch sport makes what you’re not proud of, but you’ll never forget