Test: God of War

Test: God of War

On the way to the summit Somewhere far to the rear, the summit was already recognizable. When I stomped with Kratos after a few hours through the fluffy rising snow, directly behind the deep traces of Atreus, who again carelessly rushed forward like a puppy, some impressions already manifested themselves. I turned the camera slowly again, looked around and took notes. When you talk about so many games, they whirl around like vain ghosts trying to be compared. Especially the formative titles always have a say.

For Kratos it is clear that the boy is not strong enough for the journey. He reluctantly takes him with him.

On this snowy pass I felt like to the technical class of Uncharted 4 reminds, which presented equally haunting landscapes and dynamic footprints in the desert sand. In some battles previously, at least in a start Dark Souls greet – later on the combat system more. And the trip together with the boy naturally aroused memories The Last of Us as BioShock Infinite , Very nice caliber? That’s right, but at this early stage, this action-adventure was still a long way from its class. Greet the grave of the Childerich Especially as it crunched suspiciously when the over-the-top action with their superhero maneuvers counteracted some subtle moments: God of War has always lived on the exaggeration, now it wanted to deepen even, maybe even become adult, as far as the story is concerned. Does that fit together? All the way to this pass, it did deliver. Even if that sounds a bit too silly, because of course you have to achieve this production quality first. Especially Sony’s studios have been in the last few years and recently Horizon Zero Dawn technically set signs. It’s not just about panorama, light, facial expressions or animations, which look more and more natural thanks to motion capture in many titles. When Kratos marches, his entire equipment moves from the small leather belt to the ax, one recognizes his breath and that cold sparkle in his eyes. It is even more remarkable to me, with what devotion the art designers in this God of War Ornaments and ornaments on boxes, walls, armor or doors have been designed. Here you can see how much research the graphic artist

But unlike his father, Atreus can read the runes, knows his mother’s stories about gods and giants and can give valuable hints.

also invested in motifs of the European early Middle Ages. There are e.g. Inlaid work reminiscent of the finds from the grave of the Childeric (King of the Merovingians, late 5th century) with their red gold almonds. In addition, there are the colorfully painted wooden panels, which in their figurative symbolism correspond to the Gothic picture stones of the Viking Age. Say: Polygon Power and Artdesign complement each other very well. Nevertheless the functional menus are too sterile for me and the creatures from Tatzelwurm to Dunkelalb or Nachtmahr do not reach the bizarre expressiveness of the creatures of one Bloodborne , Especially since Sony Santa Monica so many opponent types such as the henchmen or Draugar copied quite unimaginative and they appear in tens of variants; there are too many bipeds even at the bosses such as in Helheim – because I missed more variance. Incidentally, it does not run smoothly on PlayStation 4 Pro, especially as there are text re-loaders here and there and I had to reload once because a goal did not open partout. But that was not a reproducible impasse and that’s really Peanuts given the fantastic scenery and the fact that I did not otherwise record a (!) Bug. Especially in the age of Day One, Day Two, Week 3 patches this is finally a prime example of very good quality assurance. By the way, if God of War is being played on a PS4 Pro and a 4K TV, the output is 2160p. Anyone who owns a corresponding screen can experience God of War with light effects and an extended color gamut in HDR.

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