Test: Lexus UX 300e

In the passenger compartment, you can already feel that despite the electric and modern electric UX, the basic model is no longer a piece of today. The interior of the UX, unveiled in 2018, is no longer as exciting as we’re used to in electric cars today, but that shouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing. And the light upholstery with the blue inserts is so percussive that whoever sits in immediately forgets to wade. Until you see Lexus ’damn tapadado control system, something you can’t really encounter in the automotive industry is something more usable and inaccurate. Luckily, the more modern Lexus no longer has one, and in fact, the latest system, already tested in the NX, is so painful that sitting back next to the touchpad is even more painful.

The blue and white interior fits the cabin very well

Of course, the 10.3-inch, very widescreen monitor also fits into this time travel, along with the menu and graphics. Not bad, but it’s better to show more than that today, especially in this category.

On the other hand, the rest of the interior is flawless, the use of the buttons and switches is clear, the location is hit, although the buttons protruding from the top of the instrument panel are strange, one of which switches off the stabilizer and the other to switch between Eco, Normal and Sport . There’s a front-loading compartment in the armrest, a cup holder, a 12-volt and a USB port – the front is standard and the C is back – and you can even charge your phone wirelessly. The upholstery is convincing in terms of color, smell and touch, the seats also have side support, they can be heated and ventilated, and there is no need to deal with lack of space at the front. The lives of those in the second row are not so cheerful, with a height of 185-190 centimeters, neither the foot nor the headroom will be enough, as the battery built into the floor is robbed by 16.4 millimeters of the latter, and the rear the seating position of the passengers has also changed.

If the hybrid is no longer green enough, the electric Lexus 93 can come

This changes the space available for the rear passengers and the seat position due to the space required by the built-in battery

Its trunk is 367 liters by standard – 47 liters more than the UX 250h – which can hold up to 486 liters of stuff when packed up to the roof, and under the floor is a puncture repair kit and other small items. After lowering the backrests, the floor will not be flat, a small step will remain around the backrests.