Test: Mazda MX-5 G184 Takumi

The passenger compartment is dominated by the terracotta seat color, which is an innovation this year. With an open roof, it complements the blue-gray exterior well – it even made it to the upper part of the door. There is no shortage of leather, on the doors, around the handbrake and gear lever, on the steering wheel, on the dashboard panel, i.e. almost everywhere you can find it in black, with the edges nicely sewn with light thread, as it should be. Premium effect.

Some metallic gray also got into the interior, in the good sense of the word, as if these were the jewelry of the date partner: there are not too many of them, they are not kitschy, they are well placed. Observant eyes can even spot the carbon pattern on the door.

It is clearly more comfortable to sit behind the wheel with the roof open, and when it is closed, the shoe scoop and the flexible waist come in handy to occupy the position. This represents the biggest inconvenience in relation to driving: the narrow space is only apparent, but you can comfortably fit in the driver’s seat. With my seat set to a height of 178 cm, there was still room between the backrest and the rear wall, which gives even drivers taller than me an opportunity.

Basically, I’m a more reclining type of driver, but I didn’t need that here: the MX-5’s manually adjustable, heated seat is less steep in its initial position than in other cars, almost like a clamshell seat, and its lateral support is close to that.

The driver’s seat is comfortable even for long journeys, and despite appearances, it is not cramped

The knobs on the steering wheel – which can be adjusted up and down as well as in and out – guide your hand and teach you good posture. Behind it is a three-part clock cluster, in the center with the tachometer, which rises at six o’clock together with the speed indicator on the right. What did not fit (fuel level, water temperature) was placed on the left, on the digital display, but instead of displaying the bare values, the pixel pointers move in a circular arc here as well.

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Circles everywhere: a metal ring surrounds the shift lever, which moves precisely in a short distance, and when using it regularly, we feel that we are now shifting something a few centimeters below us in accordance with the dynamics of progress.

We roll gray rings to set the desired temperature and ventilation on the air conditioning system. I’m glad that they didn’t want to cram this into the on-board system running on the seven-inch display, which has been out of date since 2016. In return, however, we can lend him our phone, because he manages Apple CarPlay and Android Auto via cable.

The touch screen can’t be used much while driving, but there is the small rotary-push joystick and the buttons surrounding it, which require some familiarity before you can set something with their help. His hi-fi has 9 speakers, BOSE design, the melodies sound beautifully.

I went on a date - in a car 65

We see circles in many places, but the overall picture is good, nothing was exaggerated

The door pocket was gone, there was no glove box – Bud Spencer might say if he were selling MX-5 ND instead of ice cream. Of course, it would be nice if we could pack our little things in the usual places, but you quickly get used to the two little compartments in the middle: one at our elbows, the other between the two seats above. There is also a cup holder here, which can be removed from its place and moved to the passenger’s left knee.

You can already guess from the narrowing back that the luggage space is not very big, but you don’t even go to the furniture store with a car like this. The 130-liter capacity can be used quite well by two people: an average shopping can easily fit in it, and even all the equipment for a long weekend can be cleverly packed. The bottom is not completely horizontal, which makes it somewhat difficult to organize our belongings.

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