TEST of Sackboy: A Big Adventure, the cute game from Sony that targets young players

Sackboy: A Big Adventure is a production that accompanies the release of the PS5, but which also sees the light of day on PS4. Our little woolen hero leaves his supercharged universe, where personalization is king, and introduces us to a whole new colorful world. We spent several hours with this endearing little character, it’s time to give you our impressions. So, verdict?

It’s cute, but don’t expect a visual slap.

So as not to change, let’s start with the point that jumps out at the outset, the graphics. Let’s not beat around the bush it’s very simplistic, whether on PS5 and PS4. The developers recovered the visuals from the LittleBigPlanet to design 3D levels. Granted, it’s cute, but don’t expect a jaw-breaking visual slap. However, the settings are varied, we pass through small cardboard towns, fabric forests and other offbeat environments giving a “toy” aspect to the image. On PS5, note that the title is slightly thinner, but honestly, we haven’t seen any big, big differences with the PS4 version.

In addition, we have quality French dubbing that captures attention. The soundtrack is always so fun and upbeat. In addition, the team included well-known music, such as Uptown Funk, to titillate the esgourdes and it goes pretty well. And the sound effects in all of this? We find exactly the funny little noises of LittleBigPlanet. In short, concerning all this part, the ears feast everywhere.

About the story, the player discovers the village Creaville, a peaceful place where Sackripans make their little life. One day the great, the mighty and the vile Vex has landed in the area and captures the inhabitants with his huge vacuum cleaner. His goal ? Become the king of the world! Sackboy, our protagonist, manages to escape and will try to thwart the plans of this evil being. Let’s put it bluntly, there’s a bad guy, you’re the good guy, you’re going to save the world, period. The scenario is very basic and is enough to stage this odyssey. So we go through five big worlds made up of levels. You have to collect a certain number of orbs to be able to start the fight against the final boss. But to put it simply and get to the end of the tunnel, count around 7 hours. However, you can slightly increase this lifespan if you feel like getting each bonus.

There is one point that bothers us, Sackboy: A Big Adventure is too easy. At what point ? To give you an example, enemies jump on us and hit us without inflicting damage on us; yes, yes, you read that correctly. They have a kind of attack … delayed, to give the player time to act. As you will have understood, with its ultra accessible side, this production mainly targets children.

Besides, let’s talk little, let’s talk well, the handling is very accessible. We can perform basic actions like jumping, hitting or even rolling. The courses are not taken head, it is enough to always go straight ahead, to recover the orbs, or even the outfits (because yes, we can change our look). The title is inspired by various licenses that have marked the generations (the Super Mario or the Crash Bandicoot) to bring a little diversity: objects to lend a hand, chases, etc. The goal: to avoid boredom. Another very nice point, if your little one cannot cross a world, it is possible to take a controller and play locally in cooperation. Quickly, concerning the functionalities related to the DualSense, the triggers adapt and exert a very, very light force during an action; certainly not to tire the fingers of toddlers. As for the vibrations, they are pleasant and tickle the hands.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure is a big copy and paste of what is best done elsewhere to bring to the line-up from the PS5 a title oriented for children. Honestly, we wouldn’t have been against a slightly higher difficulty, or having the option to change it in the settings. The adventure is, of course, cute and colorful, but too easy. When done, it’s the kind of game that ends up in a corner and slowly collects dust.


  • Pleasant artistic direction
  • Quality dubbing that captures attention
  • Play cooperatively
  • Varied worlds to avoid boredom

The lessers

  • It’s too, too simple.
  • The enemies … and the bosses too …
  • Boredom quickly shows the tip of its nose for adults



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