Test of the coolest crossover Chery – what is good about Tiggo 8 Pro Max?

The main claim to the robot is the control joystick. To switch from D to R, you need to swing it twice, which provokes errors – sometimes, with quick “switches”, the electronics leave the box in neutral. As a result, sometimes you “freeze” when parking or turning around, which is unsafe.

In traffic jams, the robot does not bother with unnecessary shocks, and when overtaking, it quickly shifts to lower gears. There are paddle shifters to control the box in manual mode, but they are not really necessary. The motor does not “fail” at low revs, but you don’t need to wait for a pickup either – the thrust is even throughout the entire range. But it does not differ in fuel efficiency – during the test, the consumption was 11 l / 100 km, although the runs were mainly outside the city. However, Chery officially allows pouring AI-92 gasoline.