«Test on 4,000 Abnormal pneumonia? It wasn’t Coronavirus »

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The beginning of July brings 9 new cases of infection to Veneto and 12 other people in trustee home isolation. The virus continues to circulate, the latest bulletin is eloquent: yesterday’s infections were not registered in nursing homes, but within family clusters, involving adults residing in the provinces of Padova, Vicenza, Belluno e Verona.

Covid, Crisanti against Zangrillo in Cartabianca: «Too much euphoria, I hope you don’t regret it»

Although hospitals are gradually emptying out (-18 hospitalized in a non-critical area, -2 in Intensive Care), the decline in caution is tangible, as Professor Andrea Crisanti pointed out, on a day in which it was also detected nationally an increase of 187 positives: «Italy is not on a protected bubble: it is still at risk, a risk that will increase with the autumn and winter seasonsThe scientist told Sky Tg24, also taking stock of the anomalous pneumonia of Alzano Lombardo, which may have no relationship with the Coronavirus.

The Bergamo affair concerns 110 “unclassifiable” lung inflammation episodes, diagnosed between November and January at the Pesenti Fenaroli hospital, then ended up at the center of the Prosecutor’s investigation, of which Crisanti is a consultant.

“I don’t know what happened in Alzano, said the director of Microbiology and Virology of the Padua Hospital, but our laboratory is the reference center for influenza for the Veneto region and we receive pneumonia of all types in winter, which we usually archive. We had samples stored from October to January, we retested them all to see if we detected Coronavirus. In no case did we find Coronavirus ».

Raise and abnormal pneumonia “Already in December over 100 cases”

THE INVESTIGATION Between November and January, when Covid-19 was an exotic threat confined to Hubei, 110 patients suffering from pneumonia with “unspecified agent” were hospitalized at Alzano Lombardo hospital. Was it the first virus attack, unrecognized and underestimated? Or just abnormal pneumonia, as happens every year?

The Paduan tests consisted first of a generic swab to establish the diagnosis, then a test aimed at specifically identifying the presence of the pathogen. «In this case it is not about a hundred pneumonia pointed out Crisanti but about 4,000, so on the basis of Veneto data the virus entered the region the last week of January. I don’t know how useful it can be to understand what happened to Alzano Lombardo, but pneumonia is often without explanation ». Moreover, the same Territorial Health Authority of Bergamo has excluded “with reasonable reason” the early presence of the virus, in response to the hype raised by the questioning of the Lombard regional councilor Niccolò Carretta.

That is now the distant past. But at least in the past, according to Crisanti, we must treasure, in order not to fall back into the trap of the virus, as has happened in recent months. «The situation has improved since two months ago, we have a reduced number of infections that do not cause serious illness. There is a widespread euphoria among people who are hungry to return to normal, comforted by the small number of cases. You cannot blame these people, but the situation of the pandemic is no better than the Italian one of three months ago ».

Here several small outbreaks come back on, to which it will be necessary to respond with the red micro zones, highlighted the teacher, also recalling the results of the Venetian research just published in Nature: «The inhabitants of Vo ‘Euganeo, after identifying the positives and close contacts were free to move during the lockdown period and could meet. This aggressive tracking action allows on the one hand to isolate positive people and on the other to allow all other people a certain degree of freedom. So when we talk about the red zone, we must distinguish the one with all the inhabitants closed in the house and the red zone in which we trace and identify all the positives as soon as possible and put them at home, while the others are able to continue a life more or less normal waiting for all cases to be resolved as happened to Vo ‘»




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