Test OPPO Reno8 Pro 5G Hi-Res Bluetooth Audio Quality

illustration – Starting from accidentally listening to music via Apple Music on the OPPO Reno8 Pro 5G device directly from the stereo speakers of this phone, we “suspect” that there is something interesting on the audio side. Investigate, this Reno8 Pro 5G is indeed equipped with quality audio features including Real HD Audio and a Bluetooth codec that is capable of displaying high-quality audio.

The first impression when listening to lossless music through this Reno8 Pro stereo speakers is the audio sound that has a high level of sound clarity tall one. Vocal sound can sound slick without feeling sluggish when at the peak of the frequency, still solid and pleasant to hear.

In other words, we’re suddenly comfortable listening to music through the speakers of this phone, and that’s an unusual thing for us.

Back in collaboration with DIRAC Research, OPPO is back with Real HD audio on the Reno8 Pro. But even without this active feature the sound released by this phone is slick. And with the addition of a number of preset options, we can then customize the output to suit our ear preferences.

OPPO itself has confirmed that in stereo speakers assymetric belongs to Reno8 Pro there is an algorithm non linear correction aka NLC that can improve clarity of the audio that comes out through these speakers. Interesting right?

Codec Bluetooth yang Disupport

Turning to our main discussion, namely the Reno8 Pro 5G support for the Bluetooth codec to listen to music through the device wirelessly. In general, Reno8 Pro supports OPPO flagship device standards.

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Namely starting from the standard SBC, AAC, LDAC, LHDC and 4 other codecs from aptx Audio even though the chipset of this cellphone is not made by Qualcomm. We also found the same list of codecs on the Find X2 and higher, as well as the Reno8 5G which we reviewed yesterday.

For your information, for those who want hi res audio quality via Bluetooth, they rely a lot on support from the LDAC codec which displays audio in bitrates up to 32bit / 96 kHz. This codec is the result of Sony’s development in 2015 which is still considered the highest in its class.

maximum sample rate LDAC

Meanwhile, LHDC is one of the unique codecs brought by the OPPO Find X2 series and is supported by one of OPPO’s flagship TWS, the OPPO Enco X. In theory, it can transmit audio up to a maximum bitrate at 24 bit / 96 kHz. However, in OPPO Reno8 Pro 5G, it is only limited to supporting 48 kHz frequency.

Maximum Sample rate LHDC

To listen to or stream hires audio files via this Reno8 Pro 5G Bluetooth, we need a compatible headphone device. Well, PULSA happens to have both audio headset devices that support the two hi res codecs. Namely Sony XM4 (WH-1000XM4) to receive streaming files with LDAC codec and Enco X for LHDC.

Sony WH-1000XM4

As you can see in the picture, the phone instantly recognizes the best codec for these two headsets when the device is connected to the Reno8 Pro 5G. And the audio quality that is transmitted is satisfactory, with a wide enough separation, clean, punchy, without any significant distortion.

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Audio quality that you might think can only come out of certain products or Digital Audio Player which is expensive.

Troubleshooting for XM4

For XM4 users, if you are having trouble getting the best codec for audio quality (LDAC) when connected to this device, make sure you disable the dual device connection feature or turn off the connect to 2 devices simultaneously option.

If this feature has been turned off, you will undoubtedly be connected to the LDAC codec when selecting high-quality audio. Enjoy!