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Far from Astera and her monster problems portrayed in the excellent Monster Hunter World Shadow of the Colossus plunges us into a melancholy open world full of poetry and charm. Inside these lands, you will have to deal with 16 giants for the sole purpose of saving the young woman who accompanies our hero, Wander.
Comparative PS2 / PS3 / PS4
Wander woman
The synopsis is a post-it, and the game is installed anyway very quickly in a routine until his very last act. But more than simple cinematics, it is especially the environment of SOTC that tells us the story of its universe: the atmosphere, always impeccable, allows us to enjoy the atmosphere of the game in a very unique way.
It is this feeling of loneliness and abandonment in a world beyond us that purists could worry about seeing disappear with this graphic restoration new generation thought for the PS4, and especially the PS4 Pro. Because during his release on PS2 12 years ago , the second title of Fumito Ueda managed to create a particular attachment between the destiny of Wander and the player.
The first colossus.
This last managed nevertheless to pass through the enormous technical problems of this first version, to feel only the “epic” side of the journey of our hero. Today, Bluepoint offers us more than a simple remastering HD or 4K, but a graphical update much more worthy of the capabilities of the PS4.
The result is there : tested on PS4 Pro with the option “framerate”, the game runs in 1080p at 60 frames per second without ever betraying that promise. From the artistic point of view, Bluepoint has completely succeeded in reworking the original work while retaining what made it their charm.
Like any remake, the game is in any case a priority for those who have not yet had the chance to know this important piece of history yet well loaded PS2, and to do in the best possible conditions . The content remains much the same, however, the remake all this time after can also be a good idea, as the technical leap is immense.
Agon and Ablette
We could still quibble on some mechanics and animations that would have, they too, needed a small discount again: the roulade is still so clumsy and holding on to a monster sometimes gives rise to somewhat incongruous situations. It will not be surprising for example to finish upside down, without being able to get back because of the camera. These concerns were already present more than a decade ago and unfortunately, they too seem to have made the trip.
Let’s take the opportunity to remember how the game works: Wander always begins his journey from the altar where the girl is to be awake. From this key point, he will be asked to eradicate the colossus uttered by a mysterious voice: by wielding the sword in the right direction, the beam of light it generates concentrates to indicate a general destination.
Hitting points marked with a jump is not an option, it is a necessity.
Arrived on the spot with the help of your mount, which says to you passing with a behavior always natural except for a few hiccups on certain edges of cliffs, you will have to attract your prey and analyze his behavior but also the location of its weak points, always thanks to your main weapon.
And in case you take too long to grasp the solution, the voiceover will come back to you with some wise advice. The second phase, much more intense, will ask you to climb on the fur of the beast to destroy the famous brands . Your opponent will obviously not let it go and will behave like a madman, just to scratch copiously your endurance gauge, which once at 0, you will let go.
It is at this moment that the music begins to race and that all the epicness of Shadow of the Colossus you jump in the face. Note that compositions of Kô Ôtani did not need any reorchestration, everything is already perfect on this side, as you can hear below.
Shivers in the back they tell you!
Colosse copy
Put to death, the body of the colossus will fall and eventually evaporate, leaving behind only a black and mysterious energy that will rush into the body of Wander. When he awakes, he will return to his sweet, and it will again start all over again. The 16 monuments that you will have to fight are the second very great achievement of the game : Devilishly believable behavior, they end up feeling vulnerable by the assaults of the player. Those who did not seem to have asked anyone for anything will have to die from the hand of our so-called savior.
The question asked by Fumito Ueda is this: is it right to end 16 lives to save one? But no matter the answer, your role is to complete the colossi, by your actions, you will irreparably answer “yes” . Shadow of the Colossus combines all these characteristics to offer an experience that is at the antipodes of the joy of living.
This is an experience apart, always so busy and powerful , and just for that, we can congratulate the teams of Bluepoint, because it was probably much more complicated than you might think.
Hello you…
The Bluepoint studio has achieved what many thought impossible by restoring all the aura and magic of the original soft released on PS2 more than ten years ago. We can always blame him for the imperfections of his grip mechanics which is nevertheless at the center of the gameplay, but no matter: SOTC has never been so majestic, and the people who missed this trip so special will be able to take a huge foot discovering a video game monument, adorned with a technique that finally honors his grandiloquence.
Shadow of the Colossus in optimal conditions
Epic, even more than 10 years later
A melancholy universe
OST of Kô Ôtani, always on top
Sweet price (can easily be found at 35 €)
Some animations needed corrections
The mechanics of grip, not always very precise


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