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The time of friends

Friday, February 28 At 8:50 p.m. on Arte

High school buddies Alex, Paul and Ole hadn’t crossed paths for ages. They find themselves around a wacky project: to cross Germany aboard a Golf 1 (the first version of the famous automobile brand) to attend a concert by Madness, a group they had missed 20 years earlier when ‘They were taking their exams. These are the three ex-rockers in their forties who have left in the footsteps of their idols and, above all, their fleeing youth. Unfortunately, the heat of the reunion and the excitement of the adventure quickly give way to misunderstandings and differences of opinion.

Funny and melancholic road movie

Years spent far from each other weigh heavily, between the irascible Alexander, pharmaceutical delegate dependent on pills of all kinds, Paul, the bon vivant and great seducer with pierced pockets, and the reserved Ole, author of guides of all kinds ( including “Stock Buddha”, his latest success!). From one hitch to the next, the gap is widening, especially since the trip does not go as planned. Lost suitcase, car accident … the nostalgic trip threatens to turn into a complete fiasco.

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Punctuated by hits from Madness, of course, but also from Bob Marley, AC / DC or Lou Reed, the melancholic road movie orchestrated by Irish director Eoin Moore is not stingy with unexpected detours. From impromptu encounters to wacky adventures, it is amusing to see the three anti-heroes desperately trying to regain the fierceness of their twenties and save what remains of their friendship.

Since An elephant cheats a lot and until the recent success of Small handkerchiefs, the buddies film is a cinematic genre that this German TV movie does not pretend to revolutionize. However, even if the farce lacks finesse, the comedians Hans Löw (Paul), Bastian Pastewka (Alex) and Fabian Busch (Ole), defend their characters with conviction. Stuck in their checkered jackets, they make these Madness fans very sympathetic, always ready to take “one step beyond” so as not to age too quickly.



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