Testicular cancer, this is the disease suffered by comedian Manu Sánchez

Manu Sánchez revealed this week that have testicular cancer. She has metastasized in the lymph node and it has already been three weeks out of nine. chemotherapy that they have indicated doctors. And his sense of humor does not wane.

The comedian has indicated that he is undergoing treatment “Very powerful“, because “removing the big mess, the rest is fine” and all tests “are positive”. “My oncologist has told me that I have a good chance of being cured,” she stresses.

early cancer

Professionals in this type of pathologiespoint out that this type of cancer “It is 100% cured in early stages and 80% in metastasis.” But what is most surprising is that it is one of the most common among youths and teenagers.

The Spanish Association of Adolescents and Young Adults with Cancer (AAA) emphasizes that it is the most frequent solid tumor in men between 15 and 35 years of age. This has led them to make various bells to promote its early diagnosis among this population segment, but which is useful for all men.

The comedian Manu Sánchez



as it happens with him breast cancer, a good way to detect these tumors is self-examination or paying attention. Most of the time patients realize it because they see or feel a bulge in the testicle they either feel that it is swollen or larger than normal.

Another of the most common symptoms is feeling pain or inconvenience in the testicular area or on the back. And it can also occur with symptomatology in other parts of the body. Some patients report a dull ache in the groin or lower abdomen and even enlargement or sensitivity in breast tissue.


In any case, since sometimes these cases do not occur so clearly until advanced stagesThe ideal, they emphasize, is to explore the testicular area. It should be done during or after a bath or spiritwhen the skin of the scrotum is relaxing.

The steps are easy. After removing the penethe person has to hold his testicles with his thumbs and encircle them gently with your fingers. If you detect a lump or nodule (uniform round mass) or any change of formsize or consistency, it is important to consult your doctor.

A man covers his crotch

A man covers his crotch


experts speak

“He Testicular cancer It usually presents as a painless unilateral scrotal mass, after an incidental ultrasound finding or as a consequence of a scrotal trauma“says the doctor Francois HairstylePeyronie expert, erectile dysfunction and penile surgery. However, it indicates that “testicular pain may be the first symptom in 20% of cases.” The gynecomastia or breast enlargement may appear in 7%. Lastly, another of the risk factors that may be indicative of this disease are microcalcifications testicular. Of course, in this case, self-examination is not enough, “normally, it is an incidental finding in a sonography testicular,” he details.

For this reason, another way to locate the aforementioned disease is to carry out supplementary tests, the sensitivity of ultrasound is almost 100% for detection. “Normally, testicular ultrasound with Doppler visualizes the benign tumors well-circumscribed with well-defined borders and decreased vascular flow,” explains the urologistwho adds that tumor markers in the blood play “an essential role” in the management of patientsnot only for diagnosis and staging, but especially in postoperative follow-up.


In any case, there is no need to be alarmed ahead of time. The professionals remember that one testicle can be larger than another and that not all testicles lumps that can be found are tumors. That is why you have to go to specialist.

“Since the Testicular cancer can be removed surgically, thus curing the disease, it is important to look for attention on time if you feel a lump in the testicle,” says the senior consultant at the Department of Oncology at Uppsala University Hospital and professor at the universidadIngrid Glimelius.

A group of young boys

A group of young boys



Testicular cancer is the most common form in men. youths, and its underlying causes remain largely unknown. What they have found are significant risk factors. Among them, the cryptorchidism (the testicles have not descended into the scrotal sac in the childhood), with a 2 to 8 times higher risk of suffering from testicular cancer, although if the testicle descends before the pubertythe risk is cut in half.

“Incidence rates by age rise steeply between 10 and 14 years, and reach their peak between the ages of 30 and 34. At the time of diagnosis, between 1 and 2% are bilateral. The cure rates are close to 100% in the initial phases of the disease, and exceed 80% in metastatic cases,” he recalls.


The highest incidence of testicular tumor occurs in Europe, standing out in the countries of the North or East (Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Slovenia). The lowest rate is in Uganda and Thailand. The current trend in Europe it is decreasing in countries with high incidence, and increasing in countries with low rates.

Los tumors Testicular cells are classified according to their cell of origin in the testis. Approximately 65-75% of children under 15 years of age are germ cellswhile in the adult population they represent close to 90%.

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