TESTIMONY. “It was obvious”: after confinement, they decided to

The great urban exodus will not have taken place, but some will have taken the plunge and decided to change their life. Joana and Alexis, in their twenties, have decided to leave Lyon for the Sarthe countryside. The Coupez family returned from New York in disaster in April, and settled in the Perche.

The confinement served as an accelerator for the projects of the two couples. Joana and Alexis were thinking of moving to the West, which attracted them, in a few years. Fabien and Rima had lived in Brooklyn for eight years. They wanted to leave their expensive, fast-paced New York life.

Containment, a decisive step

When France is confined, Joana’s end-of-study internship is suspended. Alexis goes into telecommuting. They spend the next two months in their small apartment in Villeurbanne. A hell for her who finds herself literally locked up. We weren’t even allowed to go shopping together, and since he had his car, my boyfriend went there.

In New York, the subways are gradually emptying, the school is closing, Fabien and Rima understand that it is time to leave. They pack up in two weeks and give up a lifetime to return to France. Housed in a lodging in Côtes-d’Armor, they spend the confinement to solve the administrative problems of the move, to work remotely and to organize this new chapter of their life.

Freedom found in green

The end of the 100 km rule marks the start of a new life. The Lyon couple go to the countryside near Le Mans with Alexis’ family. The impression of living for real, of being free, of being able to do what you want! It was obvious. She has already lost her internship, he resigns. From the end of June they are looking for work and home around Le Mans. After a long period of prospecting, Alexis finds a job. For the house, the couple is skating: Ads went off in less than a day, sometimes twenty minutes!. They finally find via knowledge. A stone’s throw from the countryside, their house with two bedrooms and a garden costs them less than the small apartment they rented in the Lyon suburbs.

No homecoming for Rima and Fabien. She is Russian, he comes from Paris. They don’t want to go back to the capital, where they still have all their friends. We didn’t want to recreate the same type of life as in New York. Their choice fell on the Perche, after much research: It is at the same time rural, a beautiful countryside not damaged, with a cultural activity, and nevertheless close to Paris ”,rejoices the one who works in freelance post-production. They have friends in the area, love the forest, and find a good school for Yuri, their 6 year old son. But they too take a long time to find their dream home. There were a lot of Parisians looking for a second home.

New projects

The rare pearl, found in the village of Nocé, is under construction. The Coupez live while waiting in the village of Mortagne-au-Perche. Rima comes home from the wine merchant, we should go try the wine bar! She spent the day at the pool and at the media library puppet show with Yuri. They get used to their new life, and have lots of plans. I would like to open an open-air restaurant, like an American barbecue, a nice place with music …, says Fabien.

Only downside, for the couple who telecommute, access to the flow remains limited in the region. The public authorities have not yet understood that Internet access is one of the major challenges of the future worries Fabien. Especially a crucial factor for regions wishing to attract more urban dwellers of their kind.


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