Testimony of witness to Capitol attack shocked

Washington. With her impressive statement, a former White House employee shed new light on the Capitol attack and raised the question of the legal consequences for ex-President Donald Trump.

According to Cassidy Hutchinson, Trump is said to have been aware of possible violence on January 6, 2021. He knew that the demonstrators were armed, the 26-year-old told the investigative committee tasked with investigating the events surrounding the storming of the Capitol. Trump called the allegations “lies and fabricated stories” on Wednesday and spoke of a “witch hunt”.

Hutchinson testified Tuesday as a surprise witness before the committee. In 2018, the then 22-year-old began as a White House intern. Eventually, she began working for then-Chief of Staff Mark Meadows. The Committee has been hearing witnesses at public hearings for several weeks. According to US media, Hutchinson was the strongest witness to date. She painted a disturbing picture of events at the White House. White House Counsel Pat Cipollone warned on Jan. 3 that there would be legal ramifications if he didn’t stop the protest, Hutchinson said.

Criticism of Trump chief of staff

Hutchinsons and other statements have shown that Trump was the key figure in “every phase” of the attempt to overturn the election, lawyer and former Deputy Attorney General Donald Ayer told CNN. The main thing now was the question of intent – and Trump knew what he was doing. “There is still a great deal of uncertainty surrounding the question of a president’s criminal intent,” legal expert and former Justice Department official Alan Rozenshtein told the New York Times. But Hutchinson’s testimony changed his assessment. He now thinks it is much more likely that Trump will be charged.

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Trump responded to Hutchinson’s statement with a series of posts on his social network, Truth Social. He called Hutchinson a “swindler.” This said Trump knew before his inflammatory speech on January 6 that the demonstrators were armed. ‘Take those damn metal detectors away. You are not here to hurt me. let her in Let my people in, they can march to the Capitol after the rally,” she quoted the ex-president as saying. He also wanted to drive to the Capitol himself – which the Secret Service is said to have prevented for security reasons.

Hutchinson also painted a bleak picture of her former boss, Chief of Staff Meadows. When she once informed Meadows about the impending violence on January 6, he should have hardly reacted at all, she said. Meadows is considered a loyal follower of Trump and refuses to cooperate with the committee. Meadows and Rudy Giuliani were also interested in an early pardon from Trump, Hutchinson said. The former mayor of New York was one of the big advocates of allegations of voter fraud alongside Trump.

Trump could have condemned violence

Much of the information about the potential for violence was known before the violence erupted, said committee vice chair Liz Cheney. “And soon enough for President Trump to take steps to prevent the violence,” the Republican who questioned Hutchinson said. For example, during his speech he could have asked the crowd not to march to the Capitol. “He could have condemned the violence as soon as it began.”

On January 6, 2021, Trump supporters violently stormed the seat of parliament in the capital Washington. Congress met there to certify Biden’s election victory. Five people were killed in the riots, including a police officer. The attack on the heart of US democracy shook the country. Trump had recently incited his supporters at a rally that his election victory had been stolen.

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