TESTIMONY. Samira is Young Ambassador for Children’s Rights

“After studying law and humanitarian action, I got involved as a Young Ambassador for the Rights of the Child (Jade). It is a role in line with my future aspirations. In a few years, I would like to set up my own association for the defense of children’s rights in Africa.

Our role as “Jade Enfant” is to make the youngest aware of the twelve rights of the child enshrined in the International Convention on the Rights of the Child. In Côte-d’Or,
we have educated more than 2,000 children (around 80 classes)!

We split our interventions into two sessions of approximately one hour each. The first session is theoretical, it serves to familiarize young people with the main rights. This is a crucial step because it allows everyone to start thinking and raise questions that open up a debate with the rest of the class.

Our second intervention focuses on the law that speaks most to students. For my part, I have often intervened around issues of violence, family and private life.

“You need adaptability”

To be a Jade Child, you especially need adaptability. We are constantly reinventing our activities so that they stick to the public for whom we are intervening. For very young children, we rather offer short and very rhythmic games.

You have to know how to listen so that they feel confident and not point them out when they bring up a problem.

For SEGPA or ULIS classes, we promote proximity and interactivity. For older people, close to entering the world of work, we have, for example, offered role-plays around discrimination in hiring, because they were applicants. It is by tailoring that we manage to send the right messages. ”

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Are you between 16 and 25 years old? Are you sensitive to children’s rights and equality for all? Engage in civic service with the Defender of Rights.

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