Testing Rizal Ramli’s Data 120 Million Pertalite Users Ride Motorcycles for Work


Senior economist Rizal Ramli revealed that users of subsidized fuel such as Pertalite are the lower middle class. Especially motorcyclists who use their vehicles to work and take their family members.

“Sorry, the majority who use Pertalite are 120 million motorbike riders, who use their motorbikes to work and escort their wives & children. On average 240 million people ride motorbikes, that’s the lower middle class,” he said, in a written statement, Monday (19/19/2020). 9/2022).

Seeing Rizal’s statement, what is the actual user data of Pertalite and Solar subsidized fuel?



Some time ago, President Director of PT Pertamina (Persero) Nicke Widyawati revealed data from the National Socio-Economic Survey (Susenas) which recorded users of subsidized fuel. This was disclosed by Nicke during a working meeting with Commission VI last Thursday (8/9).

Based on Susenas, Nicke revealed that 80% of subsidized BBM users are wealthy people. Only 20% of poor people use subsidized fuel.

“The Susenas data describes the Indonesian people who are divided into 10 deciles (groups) where if we look at diesel fuel up to deciles 1-4 (low income group people) only consume 20%. Then, 80% decile 5 and above,” said Nicke

The data shows that Pertalite has so far been mostly enjoyed by four-wheeled vehicles. At least 70% of the subsidized Pertalite quota is enjoyed by four-wheelers, the remaining 30% is enjoyed by two-wheeled vehicles.

For four-wheeled vehicles that enjoy Pertalite subsidies, the majority are private cars which reach 98.7% of four-wheeled users. The rest, 0.6% are online taxis, 0.4% are angkot, and 0.3% are yellow plate taxis.

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