Health Tests and treatments are better for osteoporosis

Tests and treatments are better for osteoporosis


A new study led by researchers at the University of Texas at Arlington gives details of a series of biomarkers in the blood – and screening to detect them – which could make better diagnoses and treatments for osteoporosis.

Experts from UTA’s Muscle-Muscle Research Center and Shimadzu Center for Analytical Chemistry, together with colleagues in three other major universities, authorized the study, which was published in January in the journal Biology Communications.

“Osteoporosis is one of the most common and terrible chronic conditions, as it is often ignored until fractures occur,” said Marco Brotto, nursing professor at the College of Nursing and Health Innovation, UTA and director of the Research Center. Bone-Muscle.

The team has also developed a rapid, accurate and sensitive screening method for quantifying these biofuels, illustrating the clinical applications of the test through samples from women with osteoporosis and those who do not.

“One of the main goals of the study was to find out if we could find biomarkers for osteoporosis that could help improve diagnoses at an earlier stage in life by using a very simple methodology. such as blood samples or saliva, ”said Brotto, He is Professor George W. and Hazel M. Jay Endowed and a director of UTA’s nursing doctoral program. “Significant progress could be made in the application of this method in the detection and treatment of osteoporosis. In the future, we hope to continue our research and expand it to include other populations. ”

The National Institutes of Health and the National Institute for Aging gave vital support to the project, as well as colleagues at Tulane University, Creighton University and Indiana University.

“It is a great honor that we are building on this solution,” said Zhiying Wang, a researcher in the Brotto laboratory and the first author in the study. “As a female research scientist, I know how serious osteoporosis is for post-menopausal women. The availability of significant biographies in younger women’s populations for early detection of osteopenia and osteoporosis will result in tremendous relief on patient suffering and reduce the high health costs and societal burden. “

Researchers of this project include Wang of the UTA, Liangqiao Bian, Chenglin Mo, Maciej Kukula, Daniel W. Armstrong and Brotto; Hui Shen of the University of Tulane, Lan Juan Zhao, Kuan-Jui Su and Hong-Wen Deng; Robert Recker at Creighton University and Joan Lappe; Lynda F. Bonewald at Indiana University; and Jauh Tzuoh Lee from AZYP LLC: Separation & Analytics.

“The UTA has some of the best expertise in the study and treatment of musculoskeletal urinators, and I am very proud of the success of this interdisciplinary team on such a large scale to empower the leading technologies available through Shimadzu. , ”Interim AMA Research Vice President James Grover said. “The efforts of this group give hope for the future of more effective treatment of osteoporosis.” T

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