Tests for the vaccinated and the new covid fund. The future government has described a plan to fight the epidemic

The future government announced on Wednesday that it insists on maintaining PCR tests as covid identifiers. At the same time, it wants to increase the capacity of test centers to more than 200,000 tests per day. “At regular times, we will clearly introduce new rules and regulations related to the covid to the public. We also want to strengthen the structure of hygienic stations and capacities for PCR testing, “said ODS Deputy Chairman Martin Kupka at the conference.

At the same time, representatives of the future government called on citizens to reduce social contacts as much as possible.

We will not stop the wave

The main criterion for managing the epidemic will be the occupancy of hospitals and especially intensive care units. “Covid will be here with us and we must learn to live with him. Obviously, we will not stop this wave. We must now try to limit the effects of the epidemic on hospitals as much as possible. It is necessary to protect the health care system from complete collapse, “said ODS chairman Petr Fiala.

26 thousand infected. Tuesday set a new record, with 70 people dying daily with the covid

The presidential candidate also reiterated that the government would not proceed with the general closure of schools. “We do not want covid-19 to be taken away by our children. We will do everything we can to minimize the impact of the epidemic on education. That is why we do not close schools, nor will we, “Fiala assured.

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According to the candidate for Minister of Education Petr Gazdík (STAN), experts now recommend extending the Christmas holidays to alleviate the epidemic. “According to epidemiologists, the effect of the week (extension) and another almost 14 days of the Christmas holidays is so great that it pays off here,” Gazdík told ČTK.

Covid holidays

A month ago, he did not agree with the proposals of some experts to declare a several-day holiday or close schools for two weeks. According to him, it was clear at the time that the epidemic would continue to worsen and the children would probably not return to school after two weeks.

According to him, the publication of the intention to extend the Christmas holidays should enable parents to prepare for it in advance. Whether a new government will be appointed at that time and whether it will be able to make that decision will depend on President Miloš Zeman. Gazdík would also like to negotiate with the resigned Minister of Education Robert Plaga (for YES) due to the possibility of extending the Christmas holidays.

According to Fiala, vaccination remains the main means of combating the epidemic. In this context, the new government is also in favor of reducing the time limit for the booster benefit to five months. All GPs should be involved in covid vaccination.

The future government, on the other hand, opposes compulsory vaccination for some age groups. If they want mandatory vaccinations from professional organizations, such as doctors, the state should comply.

Risk contact? Mandatory for PCR

According to the candidate for Minister of Health Vlastimil Válka, the third dose of vaccination against covid is absolutely crucial in this situation. “Even those vaccinated can infect others. If people have more than six months since the second dose, they should be required to have PCR tests mandatory after the risk contact, “Válek said.

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In the short-term plan to fight the epidemic, the new government wants, among other things, to improve patient distribution as soon as they enter the hospital. “And target aid regionally to areas where there is a problem,” Valek said.

Depending on the regionally different situation, regional hygiene in particular should decide. “They must be clearly methodically led by the chief hygienist, decide according to the situation in those regions and issue measures in time,” he added.

Special covid fund

The future government also aims to ensure effective and prompt compensation for entrepreneurs. A special covid fund should be set up for this. According to Kupka, it should be possible to draw money from it to help entrepreneurs or the Czech economy.

Illustrative photo.

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The head of TOP 09 invited everyone who has symptoms of a cold to get tested. “In case of any symptoms, go for a test, even if you are vaccinated,” recommended Markéta Pekarová Adamová.

The candidate for the Minister of the Interior, Vít Rakušan, wants to improve the communication between the new government and the public in particular. “We have prepared a diagram of individual responsibilities and topics, whether in terms of safety or healthcare. We will always speak with one voice and we will always present the information we release to the public by mutual agreement, “said the chairman of STAN.