Tuesday, 24 Apr 2018
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Tex fired from France 2 – Marlène Schiappa defends herself and induces outrage

Marlène Schiappa was the guest of Thierry Ardisson in Hello earthlings! (C8), Saturday, January 13, 2018. She also took the opportunity to recall that she was not the cause of the dismissal of Tex following his questionable joke .

After the controversial joke of the host of France 2 years, the Secretary of State for Equality between women and men had reacted on social networks. She was soon suspected of being behind the dismissal of Tex. An allegation that Marlène Schiappa defended in SLT : ” I did not send Tex back, I do not have the power, and I did not ask for it to be returned. ”
Marlène Schiappa went on to say that Tex has been repeatedly called to order by management regarding the way in which he The Z’amours (France 2). comedian Smain Then asked him if France TV had taken advantage of the situation to oust him, an interrogation supported by the boos of the public.
As a reminder, on November 30, the presenter ventured a joke about battered women during his visit to It’s just TV (C8). ” Guys, do you know what they say to a woman who already has both black eyes? We do not tell him anything anymore! We have already explained him twice! “, he said.The CSA then seized France Televisions.
On the audience side: 1,044,000 viewers, or 5.2% of market share over 4 years and over.

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