Thomas will race against the Broncos on Sunday, reports Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle.

It was a whirlwind week for Thomas, who was traded to the Texans by the Broncos on Tuesday, and then crashed into his new team's playbook. Physically, Thomas is able to play a full selection of snapshots, but the question is how much of the game book he has kept. Fortunately, he played under former Denver coach Josh McDaniels, using a system similar to that of Texan coach Bill O'Brien, who worked with McDaniels in New England. "I notice some phrasing, some formations," said Thomas. "That helps me alot." Expectations should decline in his first week in a Houston uniform, especially against a defense defending the pass. However, since Thomas knows more about the playbook promoting chemistry with quarterback Deshaun Watson, he plays opposite the double-decker DeAndre Hopkins and could begin to produce the four-time Pro Bowl selection he is.

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